Stimmy Saves Kansas City Landlords

This EXCEPTIONAL article offers deets beyond free rent hype and focuses on help for housing providers amid ONGOING DEMANDS FOR A KANSAS CITY COVID RENT STRIKE . . . Read more:

About $600 Million in Rental Assistance Coming in Kansas, Missouri

Get the rent paid. That has been the unwavering stance of KC Regional Housing Alliance President Stacey Johnson-Cosby from the beginning of the pandemic and throughout the resulting rental crisis. In December 2020, Congress allocated $25 billion for emergency rental assistance. About $600 million of that money has now made its way to Kansas and Missouri.


  1. For those of you who work hard, financially responsible, and made your mortgage payments this is a big FUCK YOU from Joe Biden and the Federal Government.

  2. Hahah unless the money is paid directly to LLs they will not see a cent.

  3. A lot of good that's going to do at this point.


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