Stewing In Kansas City

Whilst it's still Winter and the nights remain a bit chilly, check this comfort food guide for those of us who might not ever shed extra pounds packed on during the COVID lockdown.

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Food Critics: Where To Get The Best Soups & Stews In Kansas City In 2021

The weather may be trending towards warm, but the aftermath of Kansas City's recent cold snap still has a lot of us craving soup. Then again, soup isn't exclusive to frigid temps, is it? "There's nothing better on a grey, rainy day than a bowl of soup," says food critic Liz Cook.


  1. That soup really does look like a bucket of shit.
    I will pass.

  2. SantaCaliGon3/6/21, 11:18 AM

    Just like yo' face slipshit.....
    got a sack'o TrumpMonkey shit here with your name on it...we'll toss in a spoon, butt you'll prob. eat it whole....right?

  3. Topeka Reader3/7/21, 4:13 AM

    It kind of reminds me of a bowl of soup one could get from Wendy's.


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