SMSD Cancels ZOOM Classes Next Year

A bold declaration was fought in earnest by the teacher's union and assumes that pandemic 'variants' won't pose a problem.

Here's the latest . . .

Shawnee Mission School District says no to remote learning next year

SHAWNEE, Kan. - A big change is coming for students this fall in one of the metro's largest school districts. Shawnee Mission will not offer a remote learning option, so students will have to attend in-person or transfer elsewhere. The news is welcomed by parents who've fought for full in-person learning to know remote school [...]


  1. It was a total failure anyway to do all this remote learning bullshit. Was a complete waste of year. But we had such a fuck up of a president and his fuck up administration they decided to leave bars open and close the schools.

  2. These fucking asshole teachers got a whole year off with full pay and benefits and the kids didn't learn shit.
    Is that what is called a win/win?

  3. 558, it was a JoCo administration messup.

    just like no or slow testing and slow vaccine rollout.

    the smart people in JoCo are not savvy.


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