Sketchy COVID Stimulus Rules Start Kansas Slap Fight Over Tax Breaks

Just like any good time, the rules regarding free money from the feds are sloppy, loose and will undoubtedly lead to a great many mistakes.

Accordingly, we notice pay-for-play political bloggers offering a worthwhile preview of a bitter economic argument on the horizon . . .

Right-Wing Koch blogging at The Sentinel: Biden bailout (unconstitutionally) prohibits state tax cuts or rebates

Linked in fairness . . .

DNC talking points via The Reflector: States question whether new federal stimulus law rules out tax cuts

You decide . . .



    Joe Biden, you have:

    1) Dementia
    2) A Vice-President who was the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate, married to an Israeli intelligence asset.
    3) A son who was kicked out of the military for cocaine use; had an illegitimate child with a stripper; dated his sister-in-law; is a crack addict; took millions in bribes from Communist China, Ukraine's Burisma, and a Russian; and is now married to an Israeli intelligence asset.
    4) A daughter who's a drug abuser, and is now married to an Israeli intelligence asset.
    What do you do now?

    Biden: I'm going to Disneyland!!!

  2. Demented Joe telling us we can have a hot dog on the Fourth, if we behave! He should be doing hard time with the other Dimwits who continue abusing our elderly.


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