Show-Me Tourism Push Back Against NAACP Missouri Travel Warning

A beautiful smiling face posted via social media welcomes EVERYONE to Missouri and claps back against political rhetoric.

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Black woman becomes face of Missouri following NAACP warning

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - A Black woman has become the face of Missouri's tourism campaign, nearly four years after the NAACP warned travelers that their civil rights may not be respected if they visit the state.


  1. Doesn't matter. Nobody is coming to KC no matter who the poster child is.


  2. Of course black people could be the face of Missouri on a tourism guide, but with the way they have been acting I don't respect this and I don't have anything to do with black democrats. What I think this will do is cause more people not to come here after all Kansas City and St. Louis have the reputation of a large black populations and also violent. Black democrats have brought this on their selves and need to blame their selves for what they endure next. not a good idea at all and no they are not going to be respected ever in my opinion. I won't do business with them. This will never heal.

  3. The tourism guide should be honest and say that blacks face daily lethal danger in our state. Not from whites, though.

    1. The guide should just say “visit Missouri but don’t go to Kansas City or St. Louis”

  4. NAACP shows weekly how racist they are against everyone but black ppl

    An organization that in the past did good is now nothing more than loud group of "wokies"

  5. Blacks

  6. Missouri passed a long overdue amendment to its civil rights law providing that to win a discrimination lawsuit, the claimant has to prove that racial discrimination was the predominant motive of the complained of event (hiring, firing, discipline). Before that, if a jury found that race was even 1% involved, the claimant could declare victory and win at least attorneys' fees. Now that discrimination attorneys actually have to work to get their fees paid, they're much more selective in the cases they accept.

    The NAACP hates it when somebody actually has to prove racial discrimination in court, because in most cases there was none.

  7. Naacp is a national disgrace. They should be listed as a H8 group and ANY tax privilages they enjoy removed. Them and SPLC two sides of the SAME hatemongering, blacks only, racist, stolen by corruption coin


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