Show-Me The Return Of Eric Greitens

Shocking #MeToo cuckolding allegations forced his resignation but now, at the very least, he could have his revenge on so many Republicans who betrayed him because he's the biggest name brand to hint at running for the offie early.

Here's local proof the politics is the art of the possible . . . Read more:

With Missouri's Sen. Blunt stepping aside, pundits see path for Greitens to head to Senate

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri announced Monday he will not seek reelection in 2022, making him the fifth Senate Republican to bow out rather than seek another term. Before election to the Senate in 2010, he served seven terms in the U.S. House.


  1. Greitens vs Q Ball. That should be fun to watch.


  2. Great news for the Democrats!
    Hope the Tinfoil Hatters give him the nomination!

  3. Greitens has a chance, but only if he campaigns in his skivvies.


  4. Good for Greitens. He got a raw deal after that racist Kim Gardner set him up on the instruction of George Soros. Democrats are dirty and black democrats are the dirtiest of the dirty.

  5. ^and yet they ALWAYS seem to kick the crap out of moronic repubturds like you easily though. Weird.

  6. greitens? no thank you.

  7. Thats a man on a mission. You will be hard to find someone so driven.
    Kim Gardner needs to be charged with falsifiying evidence, removed from office, and disbarred for life.

  8. i bet the secretary of state runs for that seat. his last name is ashcroft, the rest of him is just jowls and fundraising, which is enough.

    but how much money does greitens have still? he's still got a pile of murky money, the israeli spy isn't done punking the show me state.

  9. We don't need Greiten's tying women up in the Capitol basement unless it is Nancy Pelosi.


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