Show-Me No More Police Chokeholds?!?

This one is worth a closer look inasmuch at it's a rare instance where conservatives & progressives can find a bit of common ground regarding push back against police tactics.

To be fair, most departments ALREADY don't allow this move and prohibit offers from the practice.

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Missouri Senate votes to ban police chokeholds

A bill that would ban police chokeholds in Missouri and allow Kansas City police to live outside the city passed the state Senate on Monday. Senators voted 30-4 to send the measure to the House.


  1. Believe it or not it's a sad day that this has passed. this is an effective tool to use and actually keeps the suspect safe. It lessens the chance of a situation getting out of control. Therefore keeping both the suspect and the officer safer.

  2. Forget the chokehold.
    One .38 slug to the brain will calm then right down.

  3. It used to be night stick or a slapper. Then the neck restraint and capstan and tazer. I guess we’re back to nightstick and slapper.

  4. They are fucking not “choke holds”....FUCK!

  5. Let’s just stop playing games and ban arrests altogether. That’s the real agenda.

  6. And to add...old men and women “legislators” dictating police tactics is comedy gold.

  7. I'd hope there's be no more chokehold. they have tasers, after all.

    it is supposed to be "to protect and serve" after all.



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