Saturday, March 20, 2021

Show-Me MEGA VAXX Arrowhead Winning

More numbers from the biggest Truman Sports Complex parking lot Poke-Fest since the last warm-weather Raiders home game.

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Parson: 3,600 vaccinated Friday at Arrowhead Stadium

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Gov. Mike Parson said Friday that more than 3,600 Missouri residents were vaccinated on Day 1 of the Arrowhead Stadium vaccination clinic. Missourians gathered at Arrowhead beginning at 9 a.m. on Friday to get their coronavirus vaccination shots. It's the first of a two-day event.


Anonymous said...

Of course it was a winning event for Kansas City, they took it out of the hands of mayor lickass and wrecks archer and suddenly it turned into a flawless and impressive vaccination event!

Lickass and archer can and will screw up everything they touch.... guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

This is one thing I'm not in agreement with on either side, is the vaccination. This vaccine has been killing thousands of people. I don't get it because they say the vaccination does not keep you from getting COVID so exactly what is the reason for taking it?

Anonymous said...

How the governor of Missouri comes and saves Kansas City should be a best selling book and our wonderful governor should get an Emmy award and book speaking tours as well!

A true American hero right there people!

Mike said...

He is a LOSER but good tryout

Anonymous said...

the anti-corona war shouldn't be politicized, imho.

Anonymous said...

So a bunch of people took drugs at Arrowhead. Just another day around there, nothing new, move along please.

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't Patty Cakes there vaccinating Chiefs fans ?

Doesn't Patty Cakes care about Chiefs fans ?

Anonymous said...


(Even accepting the phony official Covid-19 statistics for the sake of this argument)

Covid-19 affected 0.03% of the population, with 2.7M deaths (as of March 2021)

HIV/AIDS affected 0.7% of the population, with 30M deaths (identified 1981)

Spanish Flu affected 2.5% of the population, with 45M deaths (identified 1919)

Smallpox affected 12.1% of the population, with 56M deaths (identified 1500)

Black Death affected 51% of the population, 200M deaths (identified 1300)

Anonymous said...




(of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world.

Call it a pandemic. That's what it is.

Anonymous said...

So I guess the rest of the 6,000 doses Parson said he was bringing were thrown out?