Show-Me The Mask Mandate Saga Clowned

It's worth remembering that throughout the pandemic there has NEVER been a Missouri mask mandate and local municipalities were required to devise and enforce their own rules.

A worthwhile flex from Guv Parson mostly escapes culture war dress code criticism: 

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson lauds lack of mask mandate as COVID-19 cases decline

By contrast here's a glimpse at the national uproar as masks quickly come off across the nation . . .

Forbes: Dr. Fauci - Texas And Mississippi Mask Mandate Rollbacks Are ‘Ill-Advised’ And ‘Risky'

NBC: 'Neanderthal thinking' - (Prez) Biden criticizes Texas, Mississippi for lifting mask mandates

UST: Four states have rolled back mask mandates. More could be on the way. Here's what it could mean for all of us.

Interestingly . . .

A TKC reader remembers a rally for future Prez Biden about one year ago wherein masks were not required of progressive supporters and unseen amongst the crowd in close company. 

Even better, in order to mark a moment in time and before it's too late . . .We'd like to share this funny clip from Missouri jokers at The Mystery Hour who offered a bit of satire amid 'scientific' debate:

Developing . . .


  1. Better title: face diapers forever!

  2. Dr."fraud"fauci can shut the fuck up

  3. ^^^ there's still a mask mandate in KC. Wear it or you'll get an earful and shames. No walmart for you, loser!


  5. As soon as you go south of KC, everyone is living a normal life.

    Democrats are authoritarian tyrants with little minds and evil intensions. They are, essentially, Fascists.

  6. A man date is Q Ball's idea of a good night.

    1. More like male hookers and some blow

  7. What a hoax. Did anyone notice that NO ONE DIED OF THE FLU THIS YEAR?

    It's all about control, wrecking the economy in order to gain more control and bureaucrats consolidating power.

    Wrecks Archer and the mayor wrecked thousands of KC business' for nothing.


    From the dark recesses of Rex Archer's colon, and spilling forth from Quinton's large bowel of fruit...It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's Anal Swab Man!!!

    (KCMO: still "welcoming 25 million visitors anally.")


  9. Dr Fauci is part of this scheme so to listen to what he has to say should be irrelevant to everyone. He's bat shit crazy and he knows everything there is to know about the virus since he spent billions on it in China. Notice how no one pushed the flu this year? What does that tell ya about things? Take the mask off the virus is gone, except in the minds of the lunatic democrats who want you scared and dead with the jab. Oh don't forget to dig into the stories of all the people dying from the jab in the UK and Israel. Stuff they aren't telling you.

  10. YOU MUST READ WHAT THIS GUY3/4/21, 8:46 AM

    "A TKC reader remembers a rally for future Prez Biden about one year ago wherein masks were not required of progressive supporters and unseen amongst the crowd in close company."

    Oh, it's not just that. In typical lyin' Joe fashion, he repeatedly lied during the campaign that he was well aware of the need to wear a mask- before the date of that rally.

    Of course, no fake news ever researched it, listened to oppo research telling them, or cared.

  11. Oh well..., what are you going to do about it? Covid helped, but really, my dad stole the election with help from the Deep State, the 4th Estate and Big Tech while taking bribes from foreigners all over the world, INCLUDING THE FUCKIN RED CHINESE WHO HATE US AND WANT US DEAD. HaHaHaHa!!! What laptop??? If it isn't on social media it doesn't exist and nothing happened in that forest where that perverted tree fell.

    You are not going to do shit and there will NEVER be another fair election.

    Next up, it is AOC's "turn" to be President.

  12. Aaaaagh!!! I have to wear a mask to go shopping among other people!!!! How will I live???? Oh, the humanity!!!!

    Really, people. Go read what people went through during WWII for FOUR YEARS and get a fuckin' grip!

  13. My rights to not end where your insecurity begins.

  14. 8:34: You're projecting again, Baby Burt.

  15. "What a hoax. Did anyone notice that NO ONE DIED OF THE FLU THIS YEAR?"

    And yet 292 people died of the flu between Oct. 2020 and Feb. 2021, so that makes you a liar. Weird.

  16. This blog’s favorite senator had something to say about this.

    Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., slammed President Joe Biden's criticism of "Neanderthal thinking" by red states who have dropped mask mandates, arguing it goes against Biden's past calls for unity in the country.

  17. ^^^^And yet you have the right to drive to, or better yet move to, some place where masks are not required. Weird.

  18. Nazi's had armbands. Democrats have mask orders.

  19. @8:33, hush man. We don't need prog hive mind zombies coming down here for reprieve from the compliance mandates they wanted to foist on all of us. We just didn't play along and now they're jealous as well as angry and scared; like Millie. What a terrible mix of negative energy, the design and requirement of the hive mind for all good progs.

  20. And this is the OPENLY CRAZY thread for today

  21. Trumptards have shit streaks in their Depends.
    Maybe they should change them more than twice a year.

  22. "^^^^And yet you have the right to drive to, or better yet move to, some place where masks are not required. Weird."

    I did move and have enjoyed watching Kansas City go down the toilet ever since. Too bad the infrastructure is crumbling and can't handle that much crap. It's already starting to back up. Liberalism is so much FUN to watch fail! 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不

  23. ^^then Conservativism must be a really awful life because you're always here, don't have any friends or family, don't do anything fun, and never shut up. Who in the world would ever want that ?????

  24. Record homicide rate

    Failed newspaper

    Failed developments

    Businesses closing or leaving in droves

    Homeless population (due in large part to Q Ball) soaring in numbers

    Uncontrolled street racing

    Busted budget

    Major tax revenue issues


    A new unneeded airport that will be empty for decades

    Crumbling infrastructure

    Crap roads

    Crap snow removal

    Crap trash removal

    Arrogant football team that got their asses handed to them in the Super Bowl

    And a mayor that consistently looks like a monkey fucking a football

  25. 9:14...and yet you are here? Weird.

  26. And those where just the ones off the top of my in in roughly 20 seconds.

  27. 9:18, Chimpy is not allowed outside without his mental health attendants. He has nothing to do all day but post his limited repertoire of insults on this blog. Ignore him.

  28. Pence's Hairfly3/4/21, 9:40 AM

    ..Where's your TrumpMonkey?..In the Whitehouse?
    Divine intervention? FUCKNO!!
    CrapANonsence? FUCKYES!!FUCKYES!!
    Where's THE GOLDEN BOY?...down in Mara Loogie!!!!
    sitin' on his golden crapper!!!!
    droppin' a big load of Trump for all the Q-Monkeys to eat!!!!
    .....Bunch of TrumpMonkeyFuckballs!!!!!
    Time to eat SHIT Monkeyfucks...
    ....use a BIG SPOON there's plenty of TRUMPSHIT
    to go around...........


  29. Methinks thou doth protest too much from your 1940 Airstream in Possum Valley, Baby Burt. Nice day today--time for some Rustoleum?

  30. ^^ha!! That dumb fucker always gets his ass kicked daily.

  31. God's Golden Crapper3/4/21, 10:24 AM

    WHERE'S TRUMP?....
    WHERE'S TRUMP?....
    In the Whitehouse?
    It's Mar.4....BIG MAR.4....
    Big Day!.....
    Still waiting...No tRumpmonkey...
    Down in Mara Loogie sittin' on his golden crapper?

    VAX UP

  32. Quinton's gaping ass3/4/21, 10:36 AM

    Where's the coup today?

  33. Ask chimpy, he said he was bringing the thunder today by unleashing those mythical white supremacists to over throw the current communist government. It must be true because machine gun Nancy said so amirite! Hahahahaha!

  34. ^^How does it feel to be owned by chimpy? He's on your mind 24/7. Do you love him as much as your dead wife? hahahahahahaha!

  35. The Made in China Golden Boy3/4/21, 12:07 PM

    Hey tRumpMonkeyFucks.....
    I heard Mar. 4 was "THE BIG DAY"....
    We're waitin'.......
    ...CrapAnon or some mental fuckfeather said he'd be in the Ovem Office TODAY!
    PooPBois were going to......'BRING ON THE STORM'...
    Kat Kur said he'd be back in.....Mar.4, or some such fuckin' shit.......
    If he does get back in.....does that mean Pence comes with????????
    Speak up Trany Bandit.....and all you worthless
    ....yank down your shorts and show us your faces...
    FUCK!...IT IS A GOOD DAY!!!!

  36. ^^^ look out everybody, the violent extremist left wing nut case chimpy is gonna go postal and continue the lefts murderous rampage of conservatives.

    I must do as I’m told, I must do as I’m told, I must do as I’m told.....

  37. ^^^And yet you don't have to do as you're told. You can always move somewhere where where masks are optional. Weird.

  38. Ha! 3:06PM just got knocked the fuck out!!!!!

    1. Oh Chimpy. Why continue to comment on your own posts? Lol what an idiot

  39. The Fly on Bimbaugh's Head3/4/21, 7:37 PM

    Well....where's 'Rump?...7:30.....
    You're running out out of time...
    KatKur said RumpMoooonkie would be in the Ovem Office!!!!!!
    So where THEFUCK is he....
    ....Suckin' shit down in Loogie?
    Looks like YOU CrapANuntzers are WRONG AGAIN,and again
    and etc...
    Let's hear what happend to THE STORM?
    ..more crapbetweentheears of PoopBois......
    ....So what's next.....Malaria fuckin' with the
    GOLDENBOY STATUE?...made in China y'know......
    It needs about 5lb. of Tannerite and a swat in the that's a show!
    Let's hear something 'RumpMonkeys'...
    Ken Copeland is waiting to HAHAHAHAHAHAHA his ass off!

    the golden toilet is full.....
    here's your spoons.....

    VAX UP
    MASK UP!

  40. consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds

  41. @8:04 It's "foolish consistency," but far be it from me, an educated person, to take away the thunder of some uneducated dumbass who has no idea of wtf he's talking about.

  42. The Failed Voice of QrapAnoncency3/4/21, 11:12 PM

    Hey there're an educated person...sure?...and 'umble too!
    So where's your GoldenBoy?
    You one of the educated minions that thought TrumpMonkey was going to re-appear in the today?
    A lot of so called educated people thought that....they also think the Earth is flat...etc...etc..
    CrapAnony's were giddy with the thought....
    I'm smart enough to know TrumpTheLump is a loser!
    ....end of show!
    So Brizy....sail on over the edge...and say hello to The Reptilians...and old Mr. Bimbaugh...and ALL the other fucks that think
    your shit......


  43. Dear "Failed,"

    Thanks for that completely indecipherable, emotionally overwrought stream of consciousness. Maybe take a deep breathe and think about punctuation and focusing on one thought at a time before you post another angry diatribe filled with pointless personal insults.


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