Show-Me Kansas City Old School Vaxx Envy

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OR two reasons to either vote against Missouri Republicans OR tell your parents to stop watching so much cable news. 

Waiting for their shot: Older adults frustrated with lack of access to vaccine

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Metro residents hunt for doses as most Missouri mass vaccination sites held in rural areas

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In Missouri, mass vaccination sites are being scheduled, but critics argue, it's coming at the expense of urban areas. That's a claim Gov. Mike Parson has outright denied. But the frustration has been building for weeks. Many are angry that mass vaccination sites are going to rural towns rather than metropolitan [...]


  1. Because rural areas don’t have the hospitals, multiple community centers and urgent care centers like the big cities do, and besides, people need to calm the hell down and wait their turn, the whole world knew this was gonna take until at least June to get vaccinated and it’s only March. President asterisk is doing a terrible or even non existent job of informing the country about time frames. HUGE FAIL ON HIS PART.

    Killa shitty and shitty Louis have used up over 600 thousand doses already and rural areas still haven’t reached 5000 yet. The last count for Missouri was 1.2 million doses given out. Do the math on who’s getting the most shots and stop bitching already.

    Unless of course this just another fake news event that the lame stream media made up to create more division.

  2. ridiculous to not target population centers for vaccination distribution

    but Parson is a small county sheriff who knows how to throw his weight around so not a surprise

  3. This is what happens when you elect a stupid rube governor, and repubturds to the state Senate. Glad it's the old people who voted for them getting fucked over. You get what you deserve. Old people are so lame. I got my shots weeks ago, and I'm not in any of those tiers. If you people weren't such horrible people, you would be vaccinated by now!

  4. Dr. WHO, our KC Health Director, dropped the ball on this and now is trying to blame the State of MO.
    Typical of our Health Department - screw something up and blame someone else as quickly as possible. They must all be Trumpers!!

  5. 3:24 not true. the state has distributed only 8% of vaccines to local public health departments. that is no higher than hospitals.

    it is a stunt to delegitimize the local public health departments

    the scheme to use highway patrol districts as the zones is a preposterous affront to missourians who live in population centers of st louis and kansas city.

    parson is proving to be master manipulator and demagogue extraordinaire

  6. ^^^ and yet killa shitty and shitty Louis have taken over half of the vaccines of the 1.2 million given out. There are 6.4 million people in the state of Missouri and somehow you think kc and Stl should be put in front of everybody else. Typical selfish dimwit dumbass

  7. “it is a stunt to delegitimize the local public health departments”

    The fat fake dr wrecks has proven he can’t handle giving out an aspirin let alone be in charge of giving out the most important thing in his failed miserable life.

  8. I’d be 1000 times more confident in a hospital giving out the vaccine than I would a failing government run health dept.

    I’m pretty sure the general public knows this too.

  9. DubmasaboxofrocksrepSwallowell3/2/21, 5:33 PM

    Clay county is doing an amazing job at the huge Cerner campus "Operation Safe" vaxx program. NKC using school busses to bring seniors to the site next to lthe NKC Hospital. Nearly 400 volunteers doing an amazing job of helping folks.

    Sorry Chimpy! Stay in the basement! Nobody gives a shit if you die.

  10. I got the Moderna vaccine, then the Pfizer vaccine, and then the Johnson and Johnson vaccine just to be on the safe side.

    Jethro Bodine

  11. The fat fake dr wrecks has proven he can’t handle giving out an aspirin let alone be in charge of giving out the most important thing in his failed miserable life.


  12. Seriously, other than running his mouth non-stop, what the fuck has Dr. Fauci seriously done as the Director of the National Health Institute to protect America from this pandemic.

    This spineless shithead should be breaking rocks at San Quentin for his negligence.


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