Show-Me Fun Weed Coming Soon?!?

Activists dutifully attempt to change hearts and minds amongst the GOP Super-Majority in Jeff City but the reality is that FEDERAL DECRIMINALIZATION already underway is probably the path of least resistance.

Still a worthwhile effort as this battle in the drug war was lost about a decade ago . . .

Efforts underway to legalize recreational marijuana in Missouri

Could recreational marijuana become legal in Missouri? There are several efforts in the works to make it happen, from legislation to petitions. But not everyone is on board.Running a dispensary is more than a full-time job."It's a lot.


  1. Cant wait until its fully legal and 30 bucks a gram

  2. Medical is a joke. Just makes dealers out of people with "conditions."

  3. Legalize it, I mean half the state is stoned most the time anyway.


  4. This is falling for Nancy pelosi's ploy to get everyone on drugs and take over. Don't people remember her saying quit your job and have fun you don't need to work. You will do better under Govt control and on Gov. money. What do you think she was saying? Better question, what did Jim Jones do? BTW Nancy pelosi and the rest of the radical left supported and thought Jim Jones was a God sent. They even gave fund raising dinners for him. But go ahead and walk right into the trap.

  5. Forty Year Opponent3/5/21, 10:29 AM

    Weed today is many times more dangerous than in the sixties.
    Todays weed does permanent damage to mental abilities.
    Check Colorado crime statistics related to weed usage.
    KCPD recently stated drivers are seriously impaired after usage.
    Big Pharma and big Tobacco have joined to make billions from legalization.
    Weed has always been a gateway drug to stronger drugs.
    Say goodbye to your children and grandchildren, you will not see them again.

  6. Reffer madness is alive and well

  7. These politicians that allow this are doing it for 1 thing...$$$$$ here's a quote from Q

    "Lucas said the increased tax revenue for the state and city cannot be ignored. Recreational marijuana could face a 13% tax on top of city sales tax, with 3% going to local governments."

    There is no regard for the long term consequences, health, crime more mental health issues.

    It's shameful to allow this to be legal. Q and clergy say they want help in the urban area and need help, this is not it

  8. Weed is supposed to be cure all (modern day snake oil) but it doesnt kill covid and people who were teens in the 80s still dying of cancer...yep real medicinal.

  9. The Kaw Valley Hemp Pickers Assn.3/6/21, 12:53 AM

    Hey need to run for pres. of CrapAnonsence....they need 'people' like you.....
    You'd fit right in... wide eyed and all........

  10. With BIDEN- " we got DOPE, just no HOPE."


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