Show-Me Fight Over Confederate History

The culture war debate attempts to rewrite history among the dead with an important bit of symbolism that shouldn't be lost on locals . . . Read more:

Debate rages on over whether to remove Confederate monument at Liberty Cemetery

LIBERTY, Mo. - There's no middle ground on what a century-old and un-named Confederate monument means to some people living in Liberty. "He is for impoverished Civil War veterans. That's what he was purchased for, and that's what he is," Gieselle Fest said. "All these people deserve to be respected and honored."


  1. The reason there were Civi War veterans in the first place is because there were traitorous Confederate soldiers! Scum!

  2. How hateful and narrow minded. there are millions of statues that millions of people don't like, but that doesn't mean you tear them down just because some folks don't like them. Read George Orwell.

  3. Libs still scared about the invasion of concrete statues. Too funny!!

  4. Don't mess with the dead. Bad juju.

  5. Leave things alone, things are what they are. We have a giant momument to those offended. Its called the ghetto. Maybe we should bulldoze that shit down.


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