Show-Me False Hope In Former Guv Nixon Launching Missouri Comeback

Speculation from partisan newsies was passed off are fact in order to distract the plebs.

Reality . . . Former Missouri Guv Jay would be a moderate to right-wing Republican by today's standards.

He's not making a comeback, he won't be running for Senate and the Missouri Democratic Party bench is so thin after 2020 defeat that they'll have a hard time finding somebody with any name recognition.

And so expect STL to lead the competition in a contest that will be exceptionally ugly with plenty of backup from CNN & MSNBC.

For now, here' the hype . . .

Jay Nixon comeback? Democrats lining up for shot at open Missouri Senate seat

(Missouri Independent) - Roy Blunt's announcement that he won't seek a third term certainly shook up Republican politics in Missouri, sparking nearly every GOP elected official in the state to publicly mull jumping into the campaign. Democrats aren't immune from the speculation. While any Democrat would face an uphill fight, the chance of a messy [...]


  1. are lucas kunce and quinton lucas cousins, or what exactly?

  2. kunce is a yalie, like hawley.

    he might be worth hearing.

  3. His hopes for a political career ended when blamed the cop in Ferguson before there was any investigation


  4. No No No No Today you can't be on the fence You're either a radical or a patriot and he would fall right in there with the radical left. Just look at how he handled Ferguson. Nixon and MCCaskill were such wimps they asked innocent people to quit their jobs for fear of the riots by the black terrorists. So he would have his nose right up there butt's Come on man.

  5. I meant their butts

  6. Jay Nixon could capture this seat for the dems

    The only one. Galloway has no fight in her even if a capable office holder. Who else is there for the sad show me state dems?

    A moderate woman could win GOP primary.

    Otherwise, seems like greitens has money and audacity to do it.

    Nixon would hold his nose running for it, and he is very happy in private life, he doesn’t need it.

    But a six year senate seat is a prize worth enduring those inevitable blasts of folly

    Please run jay! Duty calls you sir, otherwise, damn, greitens will punk us for six years.


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