Show-Me COVID Risk Spike Seyz Data Dump

We don't advise readers to be scared by recent info . . . But the new mapping reminds us that the local plague isn't yet complete . . . By a longshot. 

Scary Missouri COVID Map Actually Shows Recent Data Dump

click to enlarge SCREENSHOT VIA WASHINGTON POST Recent COVID-19 case maps appear to show Missouri as an epicenter of a terrifying outbreak - but it only appears that way because of a March 8 data dump of some 81,000 "probable" cases.


  1. That's all the chucklowes not getting their vaccines and dying.

    So, a happy map.

  2. Too bad, I was hoping my association with Missouri would put me out of my misery.

  3. 5:01 rent free sucker! Hahahahaha!

  4. The covid data for Missouri shows four biggest hotspots since the plandemic started and imagine that, all four are dimwit run cities and counties.

    I’m starting to believe these were all fake numbers to keep the dimwit narrative of scaring people to death. I put nothing past the dimwit party so they could win elections.

    I’m serious, look at the numbers and think to yourself why were these the only hotspots in the entire state?


  5. Oh Give Me A Break the Washington Post is a liberal propaganda piece of brown toilet paper. Owned by that creepy Jeff Bezos. And didn't the Washington Post just have to retract a lie they wrote about Trump and the call to the Georgia Secretary of State??? YES THEY DID !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bullcrap. They've been singing that song since all this crap started and it hasn't some anywhere near being the truth. Didn't WaPo just have to print a retraction this week? Just more liberal bedwetting.



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