The pandemic crackdown persists in the Golden Ghetto despite push back and increasing resistance to health precautions.

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Fox4KC: Johnson County, Kansas, extends mask mandate through end of April

Here are the deets that don't focus on the "science" of infections and hospitalizations but instead seems to be cracking down on resistance to public health directives:

"The Johnson County Board of Commissioners has voted to extend the local health order through April 30. That includes the mask requirement.

Commissioners who voted in support of the extension cited emerging variants and a low vaccination rate as reasons behind their decision."

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KMBC: The county's current public health order was set to expire on March 31. The commission voted 5-2 in favor of extending the order Thursday. It now runs through the end of April.

Fox4: The decision came a day after Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly signed legislation rewriting Kansas laws for managing the coronavirus pandemic and future emergencies even though she believes it could hinder disaster response efforts.

KSHB: GOP leaders promise to thwart Kansas governor on mask policy

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  1. This is the smart decision.

    Johnson County is doing the right thing.


  2. We will still be wearing these stupid masks this time next year.



  4. What does low vaccination rate have to do with anything the vaccine doesn't keep you from getting it?

    Here is another stupid thing that's going on. There is a new mask that only covers your nose when eating or drinking. How stupid is that?

    This is all about control nothing more. Next month they will move it further back.

  5. Thanks Donald trump for fucking this up!!!

  6. Agree with the one comment that says the mask orders will continue. Doesn't seem like there is any sense to these rules.

  7. There is no sense to the rules. It is based solely on fear and control.

  8. "It is based solely on fear and control."

    It is based solely on sound science, dumbfuck.

    1. Biden's 2 Aneurysms3/25/21, 4:27 PM

      3:57 - did you eat lead paint chips growing up? Because that is confirmed to let lower IQ.

      "Tampa’s Super Bowl was not the coronavirus super spreader event that many predicted, Hillsborough County health officials said Wednesday.

      Fifty-three COVID-19 cases statewide were found to be associated with official Super Bowl events, Michael Wiese, chief epidemiologist at the county health department, said in a virtual interview.

      Four more were found outside the state, in Illinois, Michigan, Hawaii and North Carolina, according to a coronavirus surveillance report by the health department."

      Alabama had a huge 4% spike after the parties and mass celebration in Tuscaloosa after their win.

      So lock down the whole country, right?

      On the left coast a study said antifa riots helped *REDUCE* the spread because people stayed inside so they wouldn't be among the dozens killed in the riots.

      You know you're lying.

  9. Right Chimpy 3:57. That's why schools have 3 foot spacing, retail stores have 6 foot spacing and eating without a mask is totally safe but it isn't for everything else. Riots have no rules but your precious sporting events/BLM rallies have reduced capacity. Go back to eating your feces and leave critical thinking to the adults.

  10. The mask orders will work if people actually obeyed them. I've been out in joco and see that most people don't wear them or barely put them on.

  11. You've had mask orders for over a year. They don't work and people are tired of the shit.

  12. Is it possible to catch what was once called the Common Cold ? The same virus. This is all about destroying the advancement of this country in our best interest not the politicians best interest as Trump was attempting to do. Unfortunately about half of us listen to MSM and their leftist lies. Wake up people, all colors, the Karencrats are playing us all off of each other while they make billions destroying small business.

  13. LOL!

  14. Those nose only masks look like they are wearing a sanitary napkin on their face! The libs will love it!

  15. I'm getting a second dose tomorrow so F Off Karen's.

  16. The science is clear. Masks do not protect from respiratory viruses. This is all theater and the ignoramuses running JoCo are either to stupid or fearful to drop these useless totems of obeisance.

  17. The science is clear.

    Wear a mask.

  18. Masks do work:
    As a manipulation tool
    As a control tactic
    As a dehumanization strategy
    As a division scheme
    As an illusion of safety

    If you don’t like mask mandates coming to an end then keep your mask on.
    If you don’t like schools opening back up then homeschool your kids.
    If you don’t like restaurants opening at 100% capacity then eat at home.
    You do you and I’ll do me. That’s how it works in America.

  19. Time to trust people to do the right thing which may differ from person to person

  20. One size fits all rules never turns out well. We've seen that over the last year.

  21. So I was having brunch at a very nice pace in lsmo on Sunday I was told it’s ok to sit at the table without a mask on. The whole world does it this right?

    The manager came to me within seconds as I was leaning over the very same table to grab some salt and told me I had to have a mask on immediately or I would be thrown out. I HAD TO HAVE A MASK ON AT THE SAME TABLE TO GRAB THE SALT SHAKER! This shit has gone on long enough.

  22. Biden is Obama's sock puppet.

    Dr. Rachel Levine is a Democrat man who had his nuts cut off and is now the United States Secretary of Health.

    Marxist Democrat Party is a bunch of sick freaks.

  23. Damn you folks are fucking crazy.

    That's why "thinning the herd," also a valuable SCIENTIFIC concept, is such a useful tool.

  24. Shop in Gardner, KS. They didn’t adopt the county mandate and leave wearing mask up to the individual store. While in Gardner eat at Todd’s Diner, no mask, great diner food at fair prices!

  25. 5:41......jump off a parking garage head first.......

  26. masks save lives, regardless of your politics.

  27. Masks work, but it should now be up to the individual to wear a mask. If you've had the vaccine or already had COVID, you don't need the protection of a mask. But people who haven't had COVID or the vaccine have the right to either protect themselves or not. It's time for the government to back off.

  28. @6:23 Marxist Democrat men having their nuts cut off and wearing a wig like Dr. Rachel Levine is what is crazy !

    What an embarrassment to the United States of America.

    The Communist Democrat Party is intentionally embarrassing the United States on the world stage.

  29. And so the Libtard overreach and imposition of their will on the rights of Americans continues.

  30. MASKS DO NOT WORK AND ONLY SERVE TO CUT OFF FRESH OXYGEN TO YOUR BRAIN AND BREATHE IN MORE BACTERIA. To all the maskholes and Karen’s showing up in this thread: Fuck you. I hope you choke on your stinky, wet masks and die off nice and fast.


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