A quick note from a friend of the blog and aficionado of gun rights and the 2nd Amendment . . .

"We've sent press releases to everyone in town and even offered an angle for journalists who want to know how how we protect people from COVID and encourage firearm safety. But there has been absolutely no coverage of the biggest gun show in the Midwest that's taking place today right here in Kansas City. A reporter told me that their assignment editor nixed the story because they didn't think it was "appropriate" in light of recent mass shootings. Hogwash! Responsible gun owners know that training citizens and encouraging LEGAL gun ownership actually reduces the likelihood of disasters. I knew that media censorship was getting bad didn't think it would happen in Kansas City. Your readers should know there is a major gun show going on today and their news media did their best to try and hide it."

Further reading . . .

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  1. Gun shows in kC happen all the time. Sure, big ones might be newsworthy but then you would have to cover all of them.

    1. ^^^

      Good. Much more interesting than soccer. I've seen a lot of stories about that over the past few days.

  2. Who would want to cover a story about a crazy bunch of fucking chucklowes, let alone watch/read/listen to such a thing.

    "Hundreds of crazed misled chucklowes gathered at KCI Expo Center this weekend to compare penis sizes, spread misinformation, share groundless conspiracy theories, and be frightened about things that will never happen."

    Yeah that's about right.

  3. ^^^^STFU ya hateful prick.

  4. "DEY GUN TAKE R GUNZ, AMERICA HATES U WHITE BOY HEAR THE THUNDAR," said Chuck M. Lowe of Prairie Village, leader of a local group of brain damaged men. "DID SIDNEY POWELL RELEASE THE KRAKEN YET?"

  5. "I knew that media censorship was getting bad didn't think it would happen in Kansas City. " It happened in Kansas City a long time ago. Start paying attention.

  6. "It's way past time to deaccession intersectionality for stakeholders whose suffering of microaggressions force them into pointless neologistic stupidity," Mr. Lowe, reading to no one from his thesaurus, added.


  7. Want some press coverage, send out a press release that the media is not allowed and post them as signs at the door. Then, they will want to come in citing freedom of the press and bitch they aren't allowed in.

    Try it!

  8. Black on Asian Hate Crime doesn't happen. It does not exist!

    Asian Woman Running For NYC Council Attacked In Hate Crime By Black Woman, Didn’t Want To Report It Because Attacker Wasn’t White…

  9. Wow, I really feel bad for them.

  10. Smith Wesson3/27/21, 3:37 PM

    The MSM is a Biden admin lapdog. I think a whole lot of people are starting to get the message that they may not have liked Trumps Tweets but that sure wasn't a good reason to vote democrap. At least Mr. Trump put American's First! Viva Second Amendment!

  11. BREAKING: Video Shows Brutal Murder Of Uber Eats Drive By Two Thugs Who Stole His Car – While Two National Guardsman Just Stand Around Doing Nothing…

    The best part is the national guard just standing around helping the murderers out of the car they just stole. Amazing.

  12. The Second Amendment (or, our deliberate misreading of it) is why approximately 40,000 Americans are killed every year. It's not a "Right" so much as it's a liability.

    The Second Amendment should be repealed, & handguns & semi-automatic rifles should be banned.

    Everyone who buys a handgun essentially admits that he's willing to kill. The are rarely used for "self-defense" since they are by nature an offensive weapon. The are mostly used to enforce one's will on others through pain of death.

    That's why any crime committed with a gun should carry the same penalty as murder - since murder, or the threat of murder, was the intention.

    Then, of course, there's the mass murderers aided & abetted by the Conservative interpretation (deliberate misreading) of the Second Amendment.

    Every year, 40,000 unnecessary deaths because of our gun fetish.

    Sanity demands that we repeal the Second Amendment.

    1. ...”they are rarely used for self defense “
      Isn’t the liberal mantra, “if it saves just one life then it’s worth it”?

    2. Ok Byron. You idiot Libtard. You want to defund are police. We need guns more than ever. You dumb Democrat

  13. Democrats virtue signal. No substance to anything a Dimwit does. It’s all about the shallow show and throwing money at the problem. The social justice message is as shallow as it comes.

  14. 3:13 & 3:23: Hilarious +1000!

  15. Go ahead, 4:27, give repealing the 2nd your very best shot. But before you start, review what it takes to amend the Constitution.

    Ain't gonna happen.

  16. The Real Byron3/27/21, 6:35 PM

    Someone is stealing my name again. I did not make the ridiculous comment at 4:27. I support the 2nd amendment and The Constitution. Law abiding Americans have every right to enjoy possession and legal handling/usage of firearms. I absolutely know where criminal firearm abuse is happening, and it's not at gun shows, nor by those attending.

    Also, at 4:27 I was jerking off to CNN anchors, so there!


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