Senator Hawley Suffers MSM Rebuke After USA 'Liberated The Slaves' Speech

Weekend rebuke from MSM has been unanimous.

In fact, this morning cable news talking heads pushed past criticism and move straight to fighting words by tagging "Ivy League brats" in reference to the upstart Missouri politico.

Here's a round-up of recent criticism . . .

MO Senator denies 'systemic racism' brags about attempts to overturn presidential election

Friday, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley gave a speech at the annual far-right CPAC in Orlando, Florida. In it, he spoke about systemic racism, essentially denying its existence, and later bragging about his role in the insurrection on the Capitol.


  1. Screw off libs!

    Give a man a free house and he'll bust out the windows
    Put his family on food stamps, now he's a big spender
    No food on the table and the bills ain't paid
    'Cause he spent it on cigarettes and P.G.A
    They'll turn us all into beggars 'cause they're easier to please
    They're feeding our people that Government Cheese

    Give a man free food and he'll figure out a way
    To steal more than he can eat 'cause he doesn't have to pay
    Give a woman free kids and you'll find them in the dirt
    Learning how to carry on the family line of work
    It's the man in the White House, the man under the steeple
    Passing out drugs to the American people
    I don't believe in anything, nothing is free
    They're feeding our people the Government Cheese

    Decline and fall, fall down baby
    Decline and fall, said fall way down now
    Decline and fall, fall down little mama
    Decline and fall, decline and fall

    Give a man a free ticket on a dead end ride
    And he'll climb in the back even though nobody's driving
    Too goddam lazy to crawl out of the wreck
    And he'll rot there while he waits for the welfare check
    Going to hell in a handbag, can't you see
    I ain't gonna eat no Government Cheese

  2. Always nice to read your views, Baby Burt. How's that Section 8 and Social Security workin' out fer ya?

  3. Ok, thanks for checking in B卐卐卐卐T.

    OR MAY I JUST SPELL IT 卐卐卐卐卐卐?


  4. MSM my rebuke Hawley but the American people don't. He's one brave man and I'm proud of him for going against the Nazi gestapo. Oh and it's the democrats who are racist and the world see's it. Remember what Joe Blow Biden just said?????? I'll repeat it.....Minorities don't know how to use the internet.....JOE BIDEN the idiot who actually thinks he's president.

  5. I'm supposed to give a crap about what the MSM or some Dem hack thinks because _________?

    This is an essay question. Bonus points for spelling and punctuation. 😏

  6. As we get woke we will all go broke. What sad way for a once great country to die. That isn't my fathers democratic party.

  7. If Senator Josh Hawley were a black man this would all be a different story.

  8. Friday, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley gave a speech at the annual far-right Conservative Political Action Conference...*click* stopped reading.

    Labeling CPAC an “annual far-right” conference reveals all we need to know about the bias of the article’s author. This is just a far-left smear.

  9. I went to Rockhurst. Josh went to Rockhurst. He is a racist.

  10. ^^^You're going to need more than that to make the point.

    And, I doubt you went to Rockhurst. East H.S. would be more like it.

  11. Hawley never said any of the vile crap that lying rag said so....

    What’s sad is the eneducated and ignorant left wing nut jobs believe such bs. Sad.

  12. Rush Limbaugh: Still dead.
    Donald J. Trump: Soon dead.
    Hawley supporters: Brain dead.

  13. I am not a Hawley supporter but I would defend him against that very unfair and biased story. Best to watch or read the remarks themselves rahpther than get such a hostile source

  14. Noem/Hawley 2024!!! That's the winning ticket right there....

  15. Keep whining libs. Don't you ever get tired of it?


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