Saturday Night Playlist: TKC Change Of Pace

Only the closest of readers deserve a preview and so we're offering this advance note for the bloggy faithful.

Allow us a chance to experiment over the Springtime . . . Very much like a college lady giving her consent to so many new and exciting experiences along with a few bad tattoos. 

We'll be rolling out a few new facets of this blog over the next few weeks. NONE of it is earth shattering stuff but there will be more delays and maybe a few days with only a smattering of posts. 

Learning to code isn't as easy as our progressive friends claim.

Nevertheless, we will always prize feedback, constructive criticism stands out above all else.

We won't spoil the surprise because most will be underwhelmed in much the same way that the handiwork of Victoria's Secret has been disappointing the globe for nearly a generation. 

And so, this placeholder and aspirational late night playlist inspires our eternal hope for change at the outset of another season.


  1. day late and dollar short dude. But I admire the effort.

    1. Midtown KC Chester3/28/21, 1:47 AM

      more titays please. Used to be every other post. Bring back glory days. Thanks for the mammarys.

  2. You should experiment with making less shit up

  3. I dunno, Tony--this feels like the longest set up ever to a giant April Fools Day spoof.

    Just hope you don't try the old Randy Miller strategy, of doing on March 31, and later CALLING it an April Fools joke.

    Remember that? He promoted free concert tickets at a popular record store. (Show ya how long ago that was, when songs were on RECORDS.) aNYWAY, the Record Bar (I recall) was supposed to be where folks could show up to get the free tickets. They.Were.Not.Amused. And told the radio station--was it KBEQ104?

    And that became one of the SEVEN radio stations that ended up firing Randy Miller.

    OK, peeps. Where is he now?
    Please report in.

    And meanwhile, I'm not believing ANY changes TKC launches on April 1.

    Which is Thursday. Cuz I looked it up on my daytimer. I don't wear an Apple watch. And hate anyone who sends out invites to Zoom events without stating the day of the week. Which I only know, not cuz I have choir practice, but I keep track of what is on TV at night.

    I hate change, Tony. Now ya know. This better be good.



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