Salvy Talks Kansas City Royals Renaissance

Springtime hope for a better home team is a futile and beloved tradition.

Here's another glimpse at best intentions that will never be realized . . . Read more:

Salvador Perez, Long Contracts, and Second Acts

When Salvador Perez signed his contract extension half a decade ago, my first thought was that it was awesome to see such a fun player get rewarded for all he had done. Then my analytical side made me go look how old he would be at the end of that contract.


  1. The Royals got lucky one year and won it all. Now they will be the losers they really were to begin with. The Chiefs as well will only win once as the Mahomie has choked and became a media clown.

  2. ^^and they got luck and went the year before too. Weird. Mahomes has been to three straight AFC championship games, two SuperBowls, and one championship. Yea he’s pretty dame good and your jealous. Fantastic time to be a sports fan in KC. Four championship games in six years around here. That’s fantastic!!!! We are so luck right now.

  3. Don’t sugar coat it tell us how you really feel.

  4. Baseball

  5. It could be worse neither team could have won anything.

  6. Old people are so lame. Eat you cat food and shut up.

  7. You gotta love Salvy, He's made it clear he LOVES America and wants ZERO part of the woke culture. OFF THE RECORD he's made it clear how blessed he is and so glad he got his beloved mama out of that cess pool called Venezuela. No surprise gets no adoration from national MSM. And I suspect he's just fine without that kind of attention. I wish him well and great season with his return after surgery.


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