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KC Troops Talk Vaxx

Kansas City VA concerned with vaccine eligibility expansion

Officials with the Kansas City VA Medical Center said they're prepared to join in on President Joe Biden's latest mission to vaccinate veterans, but they have some concerns. With President Biden signing into law the "Save Lives Act," VA Hospitals and clinics may vaccinate veterans for COVID-19, even if they're not enrolled in VA health care.

Courthouse Shares Cash

Jackson County to begin administering new round of rental assistance

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Monday, Jackson County, Missouri, legislators entered an agreement with Independence-based Community Services League to have the social services agency administer $11.5 million through an emergency rental assistance program. The county received the money from the U.S. Department of the Treasury as a result of a budget and COVID relief bill Congress passed in December 2020.

Hope Springs Eternal At The K

Field will be ready for Royals' Opening Day



Addison Rae on Her Pop Reinvention and Debut Single 'Obsessed'

Debut singles are the musical equivalent of an introduction. The great ones- 'Baby One More Time', 'Royals', 'Crazy in Love'-can put an artist's full potential on display while foreshadowing all that's yet to come. These milestones often occur when the performer is completely unknown or launching a solo act, but what happens when a star who's already well-known in one medium makes the jump into pop?


Dangerous Covid-19 variants could mean all bets are off on the road to normalcy, expert warns

The evidence that Americans are gearing up for a return to a more normal life is growing apparent, however many experts reiterate that Covid-19 is far from over.

Cheat Sheet Conceit

Trump says media asked 'softball' questions at Biden presser

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday night blasted what he called "softball" questions asked by reporters during President Joe Biden's first press conference earlier in the day. Speaking to Fox News host Laura Ingraham, Trump said Biden's presser was like a "different world" compared to when he faced questions from the Washington press corp.

Rocket Man Fired Up

N Korea confirms missile tests as Biden warns of response

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - North Korea on Friday confirmed it had tested a new guided missile, as President Joe Biden warned of consequences if Pyongyang escalates tensions amid stalled nuclear negotiations. The North's official Korean Central News Agency said the two "new-type tactical guided projectiles" accurately hit the target off the eastern coast on Thursday.

Newsies Argue Prez Biden

Washington Post's Rubin, PBS' Yamiche Alcindor clash over immigration question at Biden press conference

Two pro-Biden journalists engaged in a rare Twitter spat Thursday over a question one of them asked President Biden at his first formal press conference. "PBS NewsHour" correspondent Yamiche Alcindor was the second reporter selected by the president to ask a question.

Royal Clash Cont’d

Prince Albert Calls Out Meghan Markle, Prince Harry for Oprah Interview

Monaco's Prince Albert has Queen Elizabeth 's back, or so it seems ... 'cause he's ripping Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for discussing Royal family matters on primetime TV. Albert was asked for his 2 cents about Harry and Meghan's sit down with Oprah , and he told the BBC the CBS primetime special was the wrong time and place for them to be pouring out their feelings.

Catholic Cuisine Conclusion

Lee's Summit church hosts 'reverse fish fry' during Lent

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - As you may know, many Christians do not eat meat on Fridays during Lent. However, fish and seafood are often deemed acceptable. Several years ago, St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church in Lee's Summit started a Friday night fish fry to accommodate that need, and it became hugely popular.

Kansas City Survivor Shares Inspirational Story

'By the grace of God': How a metro single mother bounced back from no job, no home during the pandemic

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - While unemployment rates have gone down, people are still struggling to find work. One Kansas City woman hopes her story inspires other to keep pushing. "I did not imagine myself being fully stable a year later, being able to not only find a really, really good job, but conquering some of the things I never think I would conquer before," Jessica Fulghem-Jarmon said.

Foggy Starts Friday

Your Storm Track 5 Daily Forecast

A StormTrack5 Weather Alert has been posted for this morning due to dense fog. A dense fog advisory has been posted for the KC Metro through 9am. Clouds will hold strong today with highs near 62. We are tracking a 50% chance for storms, some strong late this evening. A few early morning storms are expected on Saturday, but the rest of the day should remain dry. Sunday looks fantastic with more sunshine and highs in the 60s.

Addison Rae - Obsessed is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.


  1. more than softballs, scripted. And badly.


  2. Meghan Markle and Harry have contradicted everything they have said and bitched about. Oprah and the Obama's have wanted to take down the RF for years now. Harry is a mental and has been under psychiatric care for years. Markle is sick too she's a sociopath she has lied and been caught in lies, and she likes to hurt others. These two are some of the most hated in the world not to mention laughed at. The Obama's went in acting like they were friends of the RF and are the ones who set Harry and Markle up only to have the Obama's stick a knife in the back of the monarchy for revenge and their white hate. I have to agree this is what happens when you let blacks in, they turn on you. They are dirty.


  3. Biden didn't answer any questions and he is NOT the president of this country!

  4. So will all this money distributed by Jackson County be paid to renters or their landlords for past due rent?

  5. "Trump says media asked 'softball' questions at Biden presser"

    And yet Trump doesn't seem to realize his fifteen minutes are up and no one gives a shit what he has to say. Weird.

  6. ^^So true. He wouldn't know anything about press conferences, as he refused to give any. Utter coward and moron.

  7. Dementia Joe had his first press conference after 2 months in office. Trump was had a daily press conference every single day during the start of the pandemic.

    Biden can't finish a sentence and continues to lose his train of thought even when he's got the reporters names, questions, and answers right in front of him. Good luck with that guy libs. The entire world is now laughing at America because of how weak Biden is.

  8. That press conference was a disaster. China, Russia, Iran and all of the other despots that the liberal whack jobs want to be friends with are laughing their asses off at the entire country.

  9. ^^And yet he was lucid, articulate, and able to answer every question without stamping his feet, getting red, using two hand to drink, needing help to walk down a ramp, having toliet paper on his shoe, and uttering nonsense like covfee and hamberder. Weird.

  10. ^^ give it up man, joe bidumb is a total embarrassment and a failure and the whole world knows it....

    Rocket man launching misses left and right, Iran making nuclear weapons, Russia and China getting together to dominate sleepy joe.

    You know things are really really bad when the brits along with Australia are making fun of card carrying and ear piece wearing chyna joe are making fun of him more than a dozen times a day. Sad.

  11. ^^and yet he easily kicked the shit out of Dementia Donnie in the election. Landslide, blowout winner. Weird.

  12. "Dementia Joe had his first press conference after 2 months in office. Trump was had a daily press conference every single day during the start of the pandemic."

    And yet those "press conferences" turned into the rants of a crazy person who at one time advocated injecting bleach, shining ultraviolet flashlights up our asses, and taking some untested treatment; they probably contributed to his election defeat in spite of the fact his party did very well. Weird.

  13. Biden is a fraudulent President.

    Biden is only in office due to ballot harvesting and fictitious mail in ballots orchestrated by Obama's community activism organization.

    Obama is serving his third term right now with Biden as his sock puppet.

    Biden doesn't have a clue and still had a shitty press conference even though the questions were scripted and the answers prepared for him on his note cards.

    What a farce and no one is fooled; especially China, Russia and North Korea.

    Democrat Party is controlled by Communist traitors who hate America.

    Hopefully, there can be a peaceful dismemberment whereby the Red States and Blue States can form their own countries and live under the ideology each desires.

    New York, California, Washington and Oregon can form their own country and no one will miss them. The other 46 states are being controlled by the Marxist policies of New York and California with their electoral block of votes.

    Fuck the Communists. Fuck the Democrat Party. Fuck Joe Biden.

  14. Fuck Hollywood, Fuck the Media, Fuck Pelosi, Fuck Biden, Fuck Schummer, Fuck Fat-Ass Oprah and Fuck Obama

  15. "Biden is a fraudulent President."

    And yet even Sidney Powell admits only crazy people believe that, so that would make you a crazy person. Weird.

  16. Biden is a fraudulent President; obvious to all except the corrupt and retarded.

  17. @8:43 Your reading comprehension and interpretive skills are severely lacking. I'm sure you haven't seen the clip of Dementia Joe saying during his press conference...Um---------Um------Like to be able to------------------Anyway----------------We're going to get a lot done.

    Open your eyes Baizuo.

  18. ^^^"is there any way we can, you know shine the ultra-violet up in the body, to you know, get rid of it? "Have we looked into maybe ingesting the bleach directly into the body to fight the virus?" I mean, these doctors are surprised by how much I know about this. Hamberder. Coveffee.

  19. ^ Dr Fauci: Don't wear a mask, wear a mask, wear two masks, I have no idea what I am doing. Sorry about helping Communist China develop corona virus. Oops.

    Dr. Josef Commie Fauci

  20. I sharted my britches falling down the Air Force One steps.

    I enjoy embarrassing the United States with my stupidity.

    Shout out to Corn Pop and Jason Kandy Ass

    China Joe Biden

  21. ^^I had toilet paper stuck to my shoe as I walked up the stairs to Air Force One. Causing the whole world to laugh at my early onset dementia, and poor bathroom hygiene.

  22. Trump also saysthat his followers were "hugging and kissing" the Capitol Police!
    "Hugging and kissing them" so hard tht they killed one and injured 138 more.
    Frigging Idiot!

  23. Keep your eyes shut and ears closed you stupid lib Baizuos.

  24. Just so happens i gots a story about Oprah. Oprah was perpetually remodeling one of her estates. On this one, she had a very big horse. The contractors were told to stop work and be quiet when they heard the small 5'3" horse trainer woman call out 'horse coming through'. So some guy decides he needed a piece of duct tape and rips one off. The horse bolted and ran over the trainer majorly damaging her right shoulder, basically relocating it, had surgery and she can no longer nove the shoulder upwards. I used to have to change her light bulbs and watching her cinch a saddle looked very awkward. One of her best buds bob Greene threatened the horse trainer and said she had a team of lawyers who would get all over her if she even thought to sue oprah. Imagine the "emotional vulnerability" she felt Bob, not from weight loss, but from being mowed over by oprah's proportionally correct horse. Then bob fired her. Great team oprah and way to stay on top of your estate.

  25. then i ended up getting surgery on my left shoulder after injuring it on the new property owned by the people who sold their old property to oprah. And they cut off access to Waihe'e Valley Trail to hawaiians and the public b/c one would have to go though a a little snippet of their land to get there.

  26. if ya want to piss me off all you have to do is touch my left shoulder.


  28. anyone under the age of 75 and owns a pillbox hat can shove up their ass. That includes meghan markle and her sister in law.

  29. and precious beatrice.

  30. I would laugh my ass off if the North Koreans hit China or even their own capital. There are plenty of instances where a rocket goes astray.


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