Rock Chalk Coach Less Miles Confronts #MeToo Cancellation And Put On Leave

Serious allegations and student concern have paused the career of this coach.

Meanwhile, KU football fans have been wanting to cancel the hapless honcho since his underwhelming arrival.

And so this could be a point of agreement among factions. 

Check-it . . .

KU football coach Les Miles placed on administrative leave amid misconduct allegations at LSU

LAWRENCE, Kan. - The University of Kansas has placed football coach Les Miles on administrative leave Friday amid allegations of misconduct during his time at LSU. A 2013 report was released earlier Friday detailing several allegations against Miles during his time with the Tigers. Miles was investigated after two female student workers accused him of [...]


  1. Rock chalk suck cock Gay U. What a disgraceful athletic department. Go join the Mountain West conference, losers.


  2. can't blame Miles for saying he wanted pretty "blondes with big boobs" ..I mean ..who doesn't?

    esp after coaching around a team of mostly black uglieees!

  3. Demanding “blondes with big boobs” may be ok at LSU but a predominantly gay school like KU will not tolerate it. The homosexuals will fire him soon along with the dipshit athletic director.

  4. Between the FBI investigating the basketball program and now the head coach hitting on coeds; Kansas has the dirtiest athletic program in the nation.

    Definitely no moral standard.

  5. Bill Self should be fired for his cheating. The defense that all the other big programs do it doesn't wash, but don't tell Soren Petro at Sports 810AM that.

  6. Bimbaugh's left testical3/6/21, 12:37 AM

    Wonder who he voted for....
    "Blonde with big boobs"...yeahright!
    ...he'd make a good Baptist Preacher tho...
    some tough competition for that preach down in Malden,Mo. ....with that 'Stepford Complex'...
    Another fuckin' TrumpMonkey...
    .....going down in flames!
    Sounds good.
    On to the next 'revelation'.......

    1. Attempt to be coherent.

  7. Who doesn't want blondes with nice tits. White superiority.

  8. Ku, Look at their heroes. A much written about murderer Burroughs that ass fucked kids in Tunisia . Wears marroon pants to hide blood flow from deviant adventures. Kills his wife. They name a park after him and honor him for it. A business on Mass street used to honor him with a pics of his gun and spent casings in their store front. Ironically in a feminist filled town they honor a guy that killed his wife. Now go back and read the METOO# movement part of the headline. Notice how many METOO# accused are the ones support it. Reprobates from the fruit and nut subgroup. Look at the brightside, we haven't heard of a ku star raping anyone for the last 3 months. Carry on tally wackers, carry on my wayward Metoo# crew.

  9. How is that KU ROW team doing ? They hush up a lot of sexual predators in the name of winning.

  10. Les Miles and Joe Biden both had inappropriate behavior with women, Miles get put on leave while Biden gets to be the President.

  11. This happened eight years ago, so to me this sounds like somebody whos pissed that they didn’t get the job, the gays like professional liar and cock sucker lickass want a black tranny for a coach, seriously with lickass’s fake credentials and ties to his beloved favorite cocksucking scene in Lawrence this all screams that he's behind all this.

  12. Your Holy Father3/6/21, 9:18 AM

    Anony 12:51....TrumpMonkey is OUT...Malaria is OUT
    Baron is.....whofuckin'cares.......
    There ya go fuckfoot...mission accomplished!
    ...stuff The Constitution up your ass to stop the bleeding from takin' it from your GOLDENBOYFUCK....
    Mar.4 came and went, you should do the same....
    gotta' comment?........

  13. People are so naive. KU is not just learning about this now about Les for the first time. They most likely already knew about it. However their football program was in shambles and they needed a savior. They know by now Les isn't cutting it so conveniently his past comes up. The same thing happened to Mangina. They knew about his abuse all along but as long as they were winning they turned a blind eye. Self's cheating will also catch up to him too once their basketball team starts losing more consistently than they are now.

  14. KU has always been dirty but now that they are losers as well they are cleaning house. Too bad so sad. KU sucks.


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