Reminder To Kansas City Hipsters: Don’t Get Killed During Springtime Jaunts

A quick peek at this list from a college scribe suggests that she probably doesn't know that dead people often litter the parks she's recommending for a stroll.

Life is a risk and a good walk is great exercise . . . But as Kansas City matches last year's record breaking pace for homicides, denying the rising level of deadly local violence doesn't make it go away. 

So feel free to saunter whilst realizing that not every stranger is a friend in this dirty, little town. 

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Best Kansas City Metro-Area Parks for Spring Walks

Kansas City's unpredictable weather has me constantly questioning which coat to wear as I walk out the door.


  1. Make sure you take multiple weapons with you. Sad our world has become so violent that you can't walk without looking over your shoulder and having to have weapons. I can't stress this enough for young women and white people. YOU NEED PROTECTION. Almost forgot Asians too they seem to be the target now a days like they all somehow caused the virus.

  2. Get out there and enjoy this dystopic hellscape that is KC

  3. KillA CITY- Black on mostly black murder. While little hipsters, Millies , Rainbow skittles kids and the Art gang in Brookside chant BLM.. Followed by White aryans are to blame

  4. Think of corpse hunting as a fun outing. What's the problem?

  5. Glock 29 always goes to the park with me


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