Remember: KC Pet Project Broke 8 MILLION DOLLAR Promise To Taxpayers But Still Earns Local Hipster Love

Remind me that when I finally break down and rob a bank , I should hire attractive white ladies as the perfect distraction. 

(Disclaimer: TKC would never rob a bank. That would require . . . An effort. But I digress . . . )

In 2017 KC Pet Project encouraged locals to support GO Bonds and said they would help to raise $8-MILLION BUCKS to help privately finance a new animal shelter. That never happened and instead they became partners with KCMO and now have hooked up with endless money.

Today's example that forgets a somewhat recent tax increase that was far more massive than this PR blast. . .

Massive donation to KC Pet Project allows for expansion

Two new case managers have been hired by KC Pet Project to keep people and pets together thanks to a $50,000 grant. The grant comes from Maddie's Fund, a national foundation established by Dave and Cheryl Duffield to enhance the well-being of companion animals.


  1. If we can eliminate unwanted kids via abortion, we should not have too much of an issue putting unwanted pets down...huge cost savings.

  2. I am curious as to why all taxpayers are required to foot the bill for this luxury. If you think KC Pet Project does good work, then cut them a check out of your own personal account, or better yet, go volunteer.
    I have some friends that are of the libertarian/conservative bent that voted for this back in 2017. They are animal lovers with several pets, but I gave them a ton of shit for voting for a tax. That is why big government is so insidious, people will almost always vote for goodies that benefit them.

  3. Its sad and embarressing that American hipsters care more about killing a dog than they do about killing a baby and selling its body parts...real hip...NOT

  4. Fifty G's would build a nifty gas chamber.

  5. Atleast its only 8 million. That shit hole one 18th street has been costing the tax payers over twice that for the last 20 plus years every year.

  6. Do not support the pet project. They lied and are stealing money from the tax payers. Defund the pet project and start putting these animals to Rest In Peace.

  7. Can we do the same to 18th and vine

  8. Fooled me once, but the next time you need ANYTHING else, the bank is closed. Cheap shot and it will come back in time


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