Red State Rules: Kansas Voter Crackdown

Despite making gains in last year's election, the right-wing majority isn't taking any chances and continues to tighten their grip on the electorate.

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Kansas GOP joins other state lawmakers in push to tighten voting laws

TOPEKA, Kan. - Republican lawmakers in Kansas are joining GOP colleagues nationwide in trying to tighten voting laws, advancing a measure Wednesday that would make it harder for churches, civic groups, neighbors and candidates to collect and return absentee ballots for voters.


  1. Things are not going to wait until next election. The new evidence shows that China Iran and other countries involved did hack into our election and they have evidence of what time IP addresses and if they were able to break through fire walls the first time. Topeka KS was one of the cities that had been hacked by China. The problem is with the next 9 supreme court justices to do the right thing and not kick it out and make judgement before the evidence is seen. I never knew how dirty the democratic party really was, Joe Biden wasn't right though we did find out about the fraud. When he said the country had the best voter fraud system in place he was wrong. Getting something done about it is another thing.

  2. O WOw, there's a Q drop. Must have your Qanon decoder ring with you at all times. Stay safe if you can.

  3. Look on the bright side. Nut jobs like 10:38 are also convinced that the vaccine is an evil plot by Bill Gates to inject them with microchips, so darwinism should take hold soon enough and we won't have to endure their foolishness forever.

  4. The election was stolen, 11:24 is a useful idiot and a liar.

  5. Nearly 20% of the Demoncraps say the election was rigged to help Basement Biden win. Vote-counting stopped in the middle of the night. Election rules that were clearly unconstitutional ignored by judges. Weird.

  6. The election was rigged and look what we got, a stumbling, bumbling old fool of a president and a Vice President who is a skanky whore.

  7. I'm glad the Republicans have finally gotten motivated about cleaning up the voter laws. It only took a stolen election to light a fire under them.


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