Protesters Demand Arrest Of Disgraced Former Kansas City, Kansas Cop

Here's a glimpse at activist outrage as metro relations with law enforcement continue to decline ahead of the Summer.

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Local group protests at KCK City Hall, calling for arrest of former police officer

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Human rights organization More Squared held a drive-by protest in front of the Kansas City, Kansas, City Hall on Friday, calling for the indictment of former police officer Roger Golubski. More Squared alleges Golubski extorted sexual favors from women and coerced some into providing false information to convict innocent individuals.


  1. Not going to say much, but I've known him & his family many, MANY years. That's all I have to say about that.....

  2. He looks like a drunk "Boss Hogg"

  3. This fat bastard definitely deserves to be behind bars, along with the disgusting prosecutor who was sleeping with the judge in the McIntyre case. Unfortunately, the dang old statute has run my fellow barristers.


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