Patsy Cline Visit To Kansas City Remembered

Cowtown country music history endures with this story of an icon and her local visit.

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Recalling 'Cactus' Jack Call, the Man Patsy Cline Came to KC to Honor

Almost everybody knows the Patsy Cline-comes-to-Kansas City story. Fewer people know the "Cactus" Jack Call story. Cline died on March 5, 1963. She and three others, flying in a private plane, crashed in Tennessee on their way home to Nashville from Kansas City.


  1. ^^^

    I see what you did there. Lulz.

  2. Did she meet MLK while in town ?

  3. Can’t wait for chimpy to start a protest demanding that patsy Cline be removed from the face of the earth because she was white and therefore is automatically called a racist. It’s so racist to acknowledge whitey now and it must be stopped amirite!

  4. Milk is so overblown, sure he said some things like, you know, the thing! Lol!

  5. ^^says a loser on a blog for dying geriatrics. Your life has been such a stunning waster. LOL!

    1. ^^^ run upstairs now, momma has your lemon aid enema ready.

  6. nice essay, radio history, country music jubilees on the radio in the 50s and 60s, interesting

    but the detail about cactus jack throwing away the records that artists submitted to the station, claiming that these submitting artists were too proud to meet him in person, thereby deserving the destruction of their recorded creative music.

    seems hard to say he was a friend of musicians with that kind of behavior! rather egotistical, isn't it? and to be so bold as to boast about it, rather than just doing it in private as a personal little redressing of grievance...

  7. We need to name our new airport for such a influential woman of White color.
    Where is the justice? I mean she visited here just like mlk. I guess she dont have enough privilage.


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