Patrick Mahomes' Fiancée Brittany Matthews Posts Workout Clip With Baby Baller

The adorable 'lil one is already being recruited by Texas Tech and now baby momma starts training with social media as well.

Take a look . . .

Patrick Mahomes' Fiancée Brittany Matthews Shares First Video of Daughter Sterling Skye: 'We Love You!'

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews welcomed daughter Sterling Skye on Feb. 20 On Wednesday, the fitness trainer, 25, gave fans a glimpse of her 2-week-old daughter Sterling Skye in a video that looked back on her journey to motherhood. "The most amazing journey, to bring the biggest blessing into our life," Matthews wrote on her Instagram.


  1. Please trade Mahomes. We shouldn’t have to put up with her in KC.

  2. Football season is over, give it a break.

  3. ^Why should he? He can always troll the bottom for CHUDS like you and catch you 24/7. Do better.

    1. ^^^^ Go up stairs, momma needs her nightly fluffing before sleeping in her own sweat puddle jr.

  4. Soooo many Chiefettes are jealous of her. I bet they post the mean comments here. They lost - she won!

  5. So sweet! I'm happy for them. Ignore the haters.

  6. everyone is starving their covid nuts off and we get presented a $500 million dollar fairytale. Isn't that precious. Did Jeff Bezzos enjoy his latte yesterday ? How about Gov Chuomo get some hands on ? All " admired " people with bucks in the land of the broke. You just a broke ass Nigga. IN hollywood, Alec Baldwin finally announces that his wife is white. They celebrate with Tacos.

  7. Good for her.

    She's an excellent example for what you can achieve through working hard and having a positive supportive environment.

    God Bless her.

  8. She got lucky and won the lottery. How long til they can't stand being in kc and move elsewhere like so many other players......

  9. She got rich and famous, and a new baby, from being Mahomes’ long time concubine. What she does not have is the respectability of being a wife and mother. She is trash until she proves otherwise.

  10. Except she is a mother and soon to be a wife.

  11. 12:02...the wedding is not until 2022...there is plenty of time to back out


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