Thursday, March 18, 2021

Pandemic Politics: Kansas City Star Denounces Guv Parson COVID Response Despite MEGA Arrowhead Vaxx Event

The newspaper offers a scathing critique against Missouri's GOP leader with a screed that seems more than a bit hyperbolic for a so-called "authoritative" source of local journalism.

Mass vaccination at Arrowhead can’t disguise the continuing COVID-19 mess in Missouri

Here's their money line:

"However successful the two-day event turns out to be, though, it can’t disguise the continuing failure of the state government, and Parson personally, to equitably and efficiently deliver essential COVID-19 protection. Missouri’s distribution effort remains a mess.

"As of Monday, one study showed, Missouri ranked 44th in the nation in the number of people fully vaccinated.

"That is a failure. And there is simply no good explanation for it."

Follow that logic . . .


I guess he could be going door to door and playing doctor.

OR . . .

Maybe it's important for locals to consider that KC Star editorials merely obey political marching orders and don't really have any insider perspective (or much objectivity) very much like some kind of rookie blogger.

TKC disagrees with Guv Parson on quite a few issues but in this instance there's simply no denying that he has marshaled Missouri resources proficiently and created an exemplary and easily accessible vaxx distribution site for Kansas City's urban core.

We hope it goes well.

In fact, it would be more responsible for the newspaper to encourage locals to hit pause on their partisan politics for just a moment and support the Guv in Kansas City vaxx efforts.

Either way, here's a few more links about the upcoming poke-fest . . .

KCTV5: Arrowhead Stadium set for two-day mass COVID vaccination event

Fox4: All adults in Missouri will be eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine in early April

KCTV5: National Guard preps for mega vaccine event at Arrowhead

KMBC: Health officials say Arrowhead mass vaccination event adds 2,000 people

WDAF: With 8,000 appointments full, crews set up Arrowhead Stadium mega vaccination site

KSHB: Ride KC to provide free shuttle service to vaccination event at Arrowhead

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Objectivity at the star?

Not likely!

Guess you stopped reading a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Political marching orders from who, exactly?

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows the KC Star is full of ignorance. They can't even write a good propaganda story.

Anonymous said...

kansas and JoCo have bern too slow, too.

they're not savvy.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile they still can't sell enough subscriptions to keep their lights on.

Anonymous said...

The Star should focus Grandma Kelly of Kansas for the unemployment system disaster. Gov. Parsons is doing an excellent job.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Scar sucks balls

Anonymous said...

Why is the Red Star being considered as a source of anything ?

Anonymous said...

The Star is just a sad mouthpiece for the Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...


Mike Parson is the duly-elected Republican Governor of Missouri. MO residents voted, and the Star doesn't like most MO residents.

The KC Star editorial board is the unelected propaganda mouthpiece of a bankrupt newspaper advocating on behalf of the Liberal Socialist wing of the Democratic Party.
Editorial board members are:
Mike Fannin: White Male, apologist in-chief for decades of KC Star self-confessed racism and discrimination.
Derek Donovan: White Male, who?
Dave Helling: White Male, JOCO KS resident, who loves lecturing KCMO on the benefits of a high-tax/low-efficiency/dysfunctional municipal management.
Melinda Henneberger: White Female, husband also works at the Star (like departed colleague McCain Nelson), is likely looking to exit KCMO.
Toriano Porter: Black Male, appointed to the board only after McCain Nelson could no longer explain why she pushed out the Latina, and had all-White roster.
Michael Ryan: White Male, only brought in when McCain Nelson couldn't explain why her entire board were liberal Democrats.

The KC Star Editorial Board (4 White Males, 1 White Female, 1 Black Male) Promotes Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, $15/hr Minimum Wage, Open Border Immigration, LGBTQ, Abortion, Soft-On-Crime, POC As Victims, etc., for OTHER people to follow, but not themselves or their employer!!!

Anonymous said...

The Star is just about as relevant as the Pitch.

Anonymous said...

And killa kc is still second in the entire state with 136,125 doses given out so far.

The feds are the ones handing out the vaccines to each state and I think it’s based on who had the worst covid numbers down to the least, maybe the commie red star should write an article dissing Chyna flu joe and his weak ass and almost non existent covid plan. He really didn’t have idea for what to do when he came into office. Completely unprepared and clueless. Still is.

Anonymous said...

No plan, huh?

Read this, if you can read.

Trump's plan was deny, lie, deny, lie. It worked, if 400,000 needless deaths was part of his "plan."

You chucklowes are ignorant pieces of shit.

Anonymous said...

^^^ ok blue anon, whatever you say

Anonymous said...

9:23 ah, the old seven goals of stupidity, that’s all you got? If you haven’t noticed it didn’t work so they tossed it.

Anonymous said...

Thank god President Trumps plan is still in force or we would all be dead. MAGA 2024!

Anonymous said...

Chimpy is so easily defeated with his ignorance and lies, it’s not even fun proving him wrong day after day, year after year.

Anonymous said...

“Thank you, Almighty Lord, for giving Donald J. Trump to America in a time of great need to deliver a COVID vaccine in record time through his Operation Warp Speed because of his business management expertise and can-do attitude. Amen.” – Basement Biden after being given truth serum

Anonymous said...

Biden said 100 million Americans would be vaccinated by May 1...but that goal was met today.

Makes you chucklowes who refuse to get vaccinated look pretty stupid. Do continue to thin the herd.

Anonymous said...

@10:47 PM
Your obsession with Chuck is epic to the point of illness.

Can't you make an intelligent, logical comment without referencing your skull occupant?

Anonymous said...

A "vaccine" so necessary you have to threatened to take it for a virus you never even know you have it.

Anonymous said...

even with its quasi-chaotic and slow vaccine rollout, usa is winning compared with the rest of the world.

europe is in greater chaos, with third waves and vaccine scarcity. paris just locked down for the third time. even germany has a new wave and merkel's party is in trouble.

only the brits are improving, underscoring the wisdom of brexit.