Overland Park Shooter Remains At Large After Gunfire In Walmart Parking Lot

Thankfully, nobody was injured as the decline of the American middle-class persists.

Read more and credit to KMBC for posting suspect description . . .

Shots fired inside Overland Park Walmart, no injuries reported

OVERLAND PARK, KS (KCTV) -- A large police presence could be seen outside an Overland Park Walmart Monday evening after shots were fired inside the store. Police say no one was injured as a result of the incident inside the store south of 75th Street and along Frontage Road.


  1. Oh boy. There are a lot of crazies that frequent this place. Haven't been there in a while buts it's a lot like driving through Independence Avenue.

  2. Police need to go to the nearby low rent apartments or section 8 places closeby and ask for info. I bet the shooter lives close by. Thats a bad area

  3. When you have to plead with the victim to come forward and report what happened...

  4. Wall E. Weasel3/29/21, 10:07 PM

    Your link to the KMBC story is borked, Tony.

    Also, sorry to disagree with you. but KMBC did not give a suspect description, either. They merely posted the surveillance photos more prominently than KCTV5 did. The KCTV story has the same (and more) photos but they are hidden in a slideshow at the end of the page. Take from that what you will.

  5. One of the creepiest Walmarts in the area thanks to nearby Section 8 housing that brings the criminals into the area. All Section 8 areas should have walls with razor wire and guards.

  6. Another three guess the race story ? First two don't count.

  7. ^^Nah. I have better things to do than to pretend to care about this. You apparently don't.


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