Overland Park Dox Exposed After Deadly Police Shooting That Killed Teen John Albers

There was a bitter fight over public records of this law enforcement agency. As authorities expected, the severance deets will only serve to bolster the cause of anti-police advocates. 

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Overland Park releases severance agreement with officer who shot, killed John Albers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The City of Overland Park on Friday released a separation agreement it reached in 2018 with one of its police officers who shot and killed 18-year-old John Albers.


  1. OK, after all the media hoopla, what of any consequence do we know now that we did not know before? Officer's name, settlement amount? Not really worth the effort. On the bright side, I'd assume the Star had to spend a fair amount on attorneys' fees, so they are that much closer to binking out of existence.

  2. Atticus Finch3/19/21, 5:27 PM

    The whole problem here isn't with OPPD, it is the mother. She knew her kid had mental problems. She left home with the dad and the good son while leaving car keys in the house. The kid did exactly as he was going to do in causing a problem. Who called the police? How did they know to arrive there in mass? The kid freaked out and drove erratically and the officer thought that he was in danger and shot the kid. The DA ruled it justified. But the mom has never gotten her shit together after over two years because she knows she caused this whole thing as it could have been prevented. She is trying to deflect from having to accept that fact. She didn't learn anything by this and the KC Star got screwed because they didn't learn anything either. It serves both of them right.

    1. I have so many questions of the family. I have heard nothing but deflection from them.

  3. agree with 5:27, a swing and a miss by the kc ''rag'' again!! lol

  4. KCTV is on the wrong side of this story as well as the KC Star.


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