Only Democratic Party Can Save Quickly Fading Kansas City Star

Did ya read the newspaper today?!?!

Most locals didn't.

It's a good bet that the percentage of people in this town under 40 who still pick up a paper or partake in one of those ripoff digital subscriptions is infinitesimal. 

Real talk: Most of what we hear about the newspaper is constant whining of pathetic souls who used to work at the place . . . Whilst that's fun, it's not exactly essential to the local discourse.

And so, one of the benefits of the tenuous Democratic Party majority is to pressure the Internets to put limits on digital sharing . . . The scheme is classic income redistribution and curtailing free speech but people also stopped caring about those things long ago as well. 

Here's a peek at the plan that underestimates the influence of tech lobbyists on the midterms . . . Read more . . .

House panel weighs allowing newspapers, broadcasters to collectively negotiate ad rates with Big Tech

WASHINGTON - Newspaper officials and broadcasters facing a catastrophic loss of revenue and staffing urged Congress on Friday to approve legislation that would allow them to collectively negotiate ad rates with tech giants such as Google and Facebook, but some lawmakers questioned the remedy.


  1. Who cares? Big tech and the newspapers are both controlled by faggot liberals. News will continue to be liberal faggot propaganda either way. Journalism is dead.

  2. How ? Print it in Chinese and export it ?

  3. our newspaper is imported from iowa.

  4. KC Star is trash, do us all a favor and let the star die

    1. K C Star is worse than Trash it’ should be used to wipe ones ASS

  5. The only reason why the commie red star is still around is mayor mcracist is giving them our hard earned tax money to keep them afloat. It only exists to push the mayors agenda, I mean it’s clear as day that they mirror everything he says and stands for.

    You’re blind, stupid or just ain’t paying attention if you can’t see that.

  6. 10:08 plus a gazillion trillion billion million

  7. They'd make bank covering corruption but they won't so they don't.

  8. Correction: There's no way to save the Red Star.

  9. The Democrats should pay their propagandists out of their own funds, not somebody else's. But that would be like asking them to quit buying votes with taxpayer money - not going to happen.

  10. ^^OK Boomer. What else did Faux News tell you today? You have tapioca dribbling off your chin by the way.

  11. 10.03 you are such a non-witty little turd!


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