NEXTGEN Shares Guide To Help Kansas City

When readers are finished being a scumbag in the comments, college lady scribes offer a path toward redemption and great local volunteer opportunities where you can meet other folks who would rather help strangers in return for political street cred than do anything for their family.

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Volunteering Time, Energy and Money Locally

As someone who's planning on going into nonprofit work, I have spent a lot of time researching volunteer organizations in Kansas City.


  1. Volunteering time, energy and money? Uh, forget the first two and just send cash.

  2. "As someone who's planning on going into nonprofit work"

    Dear Lauren,

    Wake up, and get a clue! You still have time to reassess your career goals. An English major who plans to enter the nonprofit world?
    Unless you're independently wealthy or work for yourself, the job marketplace is all about trading your time and talents for monetary compensation from an employer.
    Volunteering is not a career path.
    As a new college graduate joining a nonprofit, what will you be doing? Secretarial work?
    Change your objective or drop out of school now.


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