Newsflash: Zoom Call Didn't Settle Rising Tensions Betwixt Kansas City Activists & Law Enforcement

We still have a few "thoughts" about this debate . . . We might share those later because we'd like to know where readers see this debate going.

For now . . . 

Here's follow-up after armed weekend protest informed us that more strident urban advocates don't see the political distinctions betwixt police vs. the prosecutor that have dominated the mainstream news discussion for the past few months. 

Check the links . . .

KCTV5: Public forum addresses questions about police use of force

Fox4: After protests, Jackson County prosecutors explain how they handle excessive force cases

KMBC: Jackson Co. Prosecutor's Office answers questions from public on excessive force cases

Developing . . .


  1. Activists code word for Socialist. They come in many colors and genders. Malcontent Karencrats.

  2. You can't satisfy those people. The more you give the more they demand. Facts don't matter to them.

  3. The crazy and professional victims are in charge now

  4. They’re just pissed because they found out how worthless Petersucker truly is, she’s useless to everybody.


    JACO Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker
    2018 Statistics (most recent year available)

    Cases Received = 6860
    Cases Filed = 4981
    Cases Closed = 3411

    Of the 3407 Cases Disposed of in 2018:

    2296 pled guilty = 67%; the prosecutor's office typically negotiates down the charges in order to secure a guilty plea

    635 cases were dismissed = 19%

    279 cases were entered into diversion = 8%

    113 cases were recorded as Other = 3% (assume the defendant was not incarcerated)

    51 cases resulted in a guilty verdict by judge or jury = 1.5%

    19 cases resulted in fugitive filings with the prosecutor's office losing contact with defendant = less than 1%

    14 cases resulted in a not guilty verdict by judge or jury = less than 1%

    So in 2018, Jean Peters Baker's office only took 65 cases to trial (that's less than 2%), and lost 22% of these trials.

    Peters Principle
    DEFINITION: the principle that members of a Democratic Party are promoted until they reach the level at which they are no longer competent***

  6. Activist were 100% responsible for setting the plaza on fire. That makes them FELONS. simple math..cops arrest felons, felons get mad because they get arrested and blame eveybody else for their own shortcomings.


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