Newsflash: White People Need Help Too!!! Clay County Offers Free Money For Rent!!!

Mayor Q took a lot of heat for a rental assistance launch earlier this month. Now the same kind of effort is underway on the nice side of the bridge.

Real talk, opponents of this kind of help likely don't understand the economic devastation of COVID on the workforce across the nation. 

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Clay County launches $3.6 million rental assistance program

CLAY COUNTY, MO (KCTV) -- Clay County is passing on millions of dollars in federal assistance to local residents who need rental assistance, county officials announced Friday morning. The Clay County Auditor's Office and Community Care Link developed the Emergency Rental Assistance Program to distribute $3.6 million to county tenants struggling with home rent.


  1. That was a mistake, the free rent crowd will move in and destroy the northland now

  2. And not to be out done, mayor mckneely blows $195 million dollars on black people who refuse to pay for anything just so he can look good for his puppet masters!

    Make no bones about it, when commie Harris, peelousy and shoomer gave the city that money he is now beholden to them, he is no owned by the extremely violent and murderous left wing nut jobs.

  3. And just who exactly are the "puppet masters" of "mayor mckneely?"

    Do tell.

  4. i am one of his puppet masters.

  5. i was one of kay's & sly's puppet masters too. But this puppet master is displeased.

  6. 1:13 your public school edumakasion is showing, it’s spelled out for you unless you can’t read above a second grade level so.....


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