Friday, March 19, 2021

Newsflash: Kansas City Rent Strike Crisis Solved By Prez Biden Free Money. For Now.

Check this follow-up report that relies on the STIMMY for economic salvation.

Meanwhile, fundamental problems with the American economy worsen.

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Rental housing industry leaders band together to help #GetTheRentPaid

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The COVID-19 pandemic has put a financial strain on families across the Kansas City area, making it challenging for some to even keep a roof over their heads - but there is help.


Anonymous said...

Their Concerns should be more about how to get people back to work and not play the Biden card.

Anonymous said...

They keep printing more money and the democrat people are too stupid to see what comes next. What they are trying to do is break the country and bring you into a global government.

Did you know that the people running the white house now have put a gag order on border patrol? They are letting the Mexican cartel sell little kids into sex trafficking again just like before. The Mexican drug lords are putting fake phone numbers int to pockets of these kids saying it's the number of their relatives and it's not. Strangers are picking these kids up never to be seen again. This is what you democrats did. You are responsible for these little kids being raped and tortured. Democrats are stupid and evil.

Anonymous said...