Newly Arrived Koalas In Kansas City Confront High Risk of Chlamyida

Fair warning: New KCMO animal guests from down under have battled a sexually transmitted epidemic in their home country down under . . .

Researchers tracking the population of koalas on the Koala Coast (a stretch of 375 square kilometres south of Brisbane) have found that 52% of the koalas observed showed chlamydia-like symptoms . . . The infection can lead to blindness, severe bladder infections, infertility and death in koalas. And no, the strain of chlamydia that infects koalas is not the same that infects humans but it is sexually transmitted in the same way.

Here's a nicer local news note and a reminder to keep a safe distance, wear a condom and think twice about falling for strangers with interesting accents . . .

Koalas in KC! Meet new KC Zoo temporary residents Chuckels and Thackory

Meet Kansas City's newest dynamic duo -- and they hail all the way from the land down under! Chuckels and Thackory!Chuckels and Thackory are Koalas who will soon go on temporary display at the Kansas City Zoo. They recently arrived in KC, via Southwest Airlines!


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