New KCI Hits Point Of No Return

The airline industry has crashed and it'll be years before anybody wants to lounge around other people whilst waiting for their next flight.

Accordingly, this bad timing of this town is overlooked by this local biz mag that seems strangely hopeful about the small, flimsier and impractical new single-terminal.

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KCI terminal project timeline reaches halfway point

Following two years of construction, the timeline on the new single terminal at Kansas City International has reached the halfway mark. Breaking ground in March 2019, the city's historically largest infrastructure project is still set to finish in March 2023.


  1. What if this works and the timing turns out to be good?

  2. And yet the majority of people who matter in this world are already flying, and we’re going to have a new airport soon. Face it CHUDS, you lost AGAIN. Weird.

  3. I'm actually looking forward to it after not flying during corona.

  4. 1200, it'll still be a cattle call, unless you use your stimulation money to fly first class.

  5. 9:39 Chimpy you keep forgetting your ^^pussy marks, and you certainly do NOT matter to anyone. Go up the tree and have a flea brunch off momma. Take a break so you can come back to the blog and resume your life's work.

  6. how can it be the largest infrastructure project when they are tearing down an infrastructure project larger than itself.

  7. That is how painfully ridiculous KC is.

  8. ^^and yet we have a new airport and you’ll be dead soon. Yay!

  9. OK dog shit filled pumpkin head.
    YAY for your team!


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