New Betty Rae's Honcho Serves Double Scoop Of Hype After Bitter Public Divorce Meltdown Forced New Ownership

Strange irony, I think: For some reason people in the Kansas City ice cream biz seemingly have absolutely zero chill.

Accordingly, here's a hyperbolic bit of promo touting a young dude taking over a local biz following a nasty online feud that left everyone feeling sticky and gross.

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Why Betty Rae's new owner traded a finance career for waffle cones; ice cream shop reopens Monday

Betty Rae's River Market location plans to reopen 11 a.m. Monday with Alec Rodgers behind the counter once again - this time as the leader of a team of former employees who've pledged to bring the community staple back to its pre-COVID glory, he said.


  1. Paying rent selling ice cream 12 months a year must be a bitch.

  2. Good luck, man. Great ice cream and a unique KC offering, but the "woke" sins of the previous owner may take a while to recover from...especially when you're located in Waldo and the River Market.


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