More Homeless Coming Soon To Lenexa

Our 2nd favorite blog offers a peek at suburban life in transition as local guv must accommodate more people amid rising American scarcity.

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Lenexa on verge of changing city code to allow for more homeless shelters

Lenexa is making progress on new city codes that would regulate homeless shelters in the city. The Lenexa Planning Commission on Monday night considered city staff's proposed regulations that govern the operations of such shelters.


  1. There goes the neighborhood.

  2. Ya, but I don't do paywalls...if only the SMP printed a paper copy it could be used to wrap fish.

  3. Lenexa pretends to be nice suburb.

  4. Disappointed that the Mayor would let this happen. It will allow for more crime and don't let the people behind this tell you any differently.

  5. Maybe the Mayor will allow more Section 8 housing in so the neighborhood crime stats can jump into the stratosphere.

  6. It's only fair that Johnson County starts to acknowledge their homeless population. Better build a 300-unit Section 8 complex to go with it. Oh wait, NIMBY right ?


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