More Deets On Deportation Fear & Demand For Justice After Undocumented/Illegal Alien Involved In Deadly Kansas City, Kansas Crash That Killed Good Samaritan

This deserves a second look as big picture debate rages on a controversial topic that also hits home . . .

NBC: Immigration challenges mount for Biden amid migrant influx

Read more from this link with a "bad hombre" mugshot that's sure to spark even more tension . . . TKC's cultural twin posted as fair play for all of the other mugshots we share:

Family concerned suspect in crash that killed KCK woman could be deported

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Raymond Goulding says his wife was the glue of their family. "Even if you did something wrong and you asked for help, she would help you," he said. Early Sunday morning, his wife Cynthia "Cindy" Goulding pulled over near 59th and Nogard in KCK to help people in an SUV who [...]


  1. Just hang this fucker, you know if they kick him out he'll be back in KC in about 48hrs.

  2. Suck it up Goulding family with your white privilege, you have had it far to easy in this country working and paying taxes and obeying the law, while poor immigrants pick your lettuce, clean your toilets and tend to your well kept lawn. Ramon needs no stinking citizenship plus he's a future democrat SUCK IT UP!!

  3. Biden's illegal immigration plan in action. They have nothing to fear. Doubt me? Look at the southern border. Like it or not Demonrats, you own this.

  4. ^^and we don't care. We have lives. You don't.

  5. Trump had immigration under control. The Dims 1st order of business after locking the CITIZENS down was to create a new boarder crisis opened the boarder up to unchecked, untested, and unvaxed illegals in hopes of enlisting new voters to replace the Americans that they have wrongfully disinfranchanized. Trumps boarder policy worked for America and should be reinstated immeadiatly.

  6. Mexico is odd. its basically legal to drive drunk there.

    But if you have just 1 bullet (and no guns), you can go to prison for decades.

    yes 1 bullet can get you 20 years in mexico.

    Check your rental car if your going to drive into mexico - male sure not 1 bullet has been left in it by another person.


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