Money Talks: More Cash Generates TIPS In Kansas City Homicide Cases

Call it "community investment" or "pay for play" but the strategy works nonetheless.

Here's just a bit more proof that this town has always been about the bottom line:

Greater Kansas City CrimeStoppers tip helps solve 20th homicide since reward increase

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Greater Kansas City CrimeStoppers hit a new milestone Tuesday, contributing to the resolution of the 20th homicide case since increasing tip rewards in 2019. CrimeStoppers said in a tweet that the case was the 662nd solved since the organization began in 1982. Great news!!


  1. And yet Q Ball is doing NOTHING to address the homicide rate. Weird.

  2. ^^and yet you don't live here and claim to hate KC, but here you are AGAIN talking about it as if anything you say matters Weirder.

  3. Enforcing the law and funding our police instead of hassling them with social justice bullshit stops crime. Bribes are for Cleaver and co.


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