MO Medicaid Dies In Jeff City

Healthcare access/entitlement for po'folk cut back by the GOP majority.

Here's the aftermath and a glimpse at red state political reality:

Missouri House votes against funding Medicaid expansion

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri's Republican-led House is on track to block funding for a voter-approved expansion of the state's Medicaid health care program after shooting down Democrats' attempts to pay for it Tuesday. Voters last year amended the state Constitution to offer government health care to thousands more low-income adults, a change that will take effect in July.


  1. The GOP doesn't care if you live or die.

  2. Again, Republicans who don't believe in Democracy.

    Just curious, did they give a reason, or did they just kill it because some Black person might benefit.

    The states that hate the poor the most are the Jim Crow States.

    Sorry, poor Whites, you're just collateral damage.

    1. Perhaps, Byron, if American Taxpayers weren’t forced to subsidize anyone who makes it across our borders, Medicare expansion may be a thing. If democrats would pull their heads out of their asses and stop talking about the green new deal, or stop catering to the teachers’ unions, or stop spending money on dumb ass things like street cars and convention hotels Medicaid expansion could be a thing. If dumbass democrats like you would stop talking about defunding the police and start making their cities safe and livable so productive people live there and pay taxes, then some sort of healthcare reform could be possible.

  3. is it still possible to buy catastrophic health insurance somewhere for $50/month if you do not have the income or ailments to qualify for obamacare?

  4. is it still possible to buy catastrophic health insurance somewhere for $50/month if you do not have the income to qualify for obamacare or ailments w/ low income to qualify for medicare?

  5. As i recall, Catastrophic coverage also allows/allowed health insurance companies to tell doctors, no you can only charge X amount for that appointment/service if you had a minor injury/illness. So kinda of dumb not even to get that, even if the whole thing about continuous coverage allows preexisting to be covered, say if your COBRA expired, proved to be a lie.

  6. a large portion of what obamacare is subsidizing, for people who could get a good plan for $250 before obamacare and do not need to go to doctor often, is to just to cover all the people with preexisting conditions that insurers refused to cover, many of which never had health insurance, not even a catastrophic plan. Obamacare has pretty crappy plans now unless you pay them 250 and they subsidize it + $600.

  7. Government maybe should try saying nooo health insurance CEO u can only be paid X amount too and you can not be listed on the stock exchange.


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