Mike Pompeo Wins Iowa 2024 Early?!?


However, the native Kansas MAGA Secstate started strong which is why local progressives are hoping to thwart his chances.

Check the links from "many sides" of the debate . . .

AP: GOP 2024 contenders enter Iowa, wary of Trump’s long shadow

Reuters: Special Report - Pompeo rejected U.S. effort to declare 'genocide' in Myanmar on eve of coup, officials say

Federalist: Pompeo - People Are Dying For Strong US Leadership But Biden Is Blowing It On China And The Border

Developing . . .


  1. He has a very good shot at being the 2024 GOP nominee.

    Name recognition is greater than Hawley, but without the media-created narrative than libs would use to paint Hawley as a guy who wears a white hood and sports Aryan Nation tats. All they can say about Pompeo is that he worked in the Trump white house.

    That won't get a lot of traction with anybody but Democrats.

  2. ^^and that he was incompetent as fuck. They could say that.

  3. ^^ Takes one to know one Baizuo.

  4. "Incompetent as fuck": see Joseph Robinet Biden

  5. ^Or Donnie Trump. See, I can play too!

  6. It's not like Pompeo is going to care what liberals think of him; they call every non-liberal "sick" and "incompetent."

    Of course, that sentiment doesn't apply to a lib president whose brain has the mental wattage of oatmeal. That's because they're hypocrites.

    For instance . . . where is all the outrage now that migrant kids are sleeping in cages and wrapped up like baked potatoes?

  7. "Incompetent as fuck": See Mario Cuomo; see also "horny as hell"

  8. ^^You speaking from experience Nancy? Why don't you come out of closet and get some of that dick you so desperately crave? Your tendencies are showing.

  9. ^^^ Yup, @8:57 and 9:54 - both from a closeted fairy who's scared as hell of himself and his "urges"!

  10. 12:03 ok ok ok, I’ll come out of the closet, I’m a lesbian, just ask my wife! Hahahahaha!

  11. The lowly KC Star tries so hard to attack all Republicans. The paper is only useful in the bottom of a bird cage as long as the bird can't read.

  12. You lost all three branches of government.

    But, hey, you "owned" those libs.

    That's all that matters, right?


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