Middle-Class Probs: Johnson County Jerk Punches Cop In The Face And Lives

Normally, we don't like to speculate the demographic background of a suspect; that's a hobby for people with low self-esteem and a chip on their shoulder.

But it's Friday and so we'll indulge a guess that this Golden Ghetto alleged drunkard was likely a white dude driving a nice car . . . Anybody else would be dead. 

Caveat: We've heard that a rich, attractive white lady can punch any cop she likes, steal their gun and then claim harassment if anyone tries to stop her . . . But nobody would.

Read more about one of many indignities that suburban po-po are forced to suffer in their dangerous line of work . . .

Driver suspected of DUI strikes Shawnee police officer after traffic stop

Shawnee Police Department SOURCE: Shawnee Police Department The Shawnee Police Department said a driver suspected of driving under the influence and striking an officer is in custody after an incident Friday morning.Police said officers were called to Shawnee Mission Parkway and Nieman to investigate an intoxicated driver call.


  1. I hope you're wrong about speculation it was a white person though you are probably correct. However, you fail to understand the shawnee demographic and certainly the number of the hood rats that migrate daily into shawnee from wyco.

    get out of mom's basement and open your eyes!!

  2. ^^^ bend over hope TKC deletes you before you start crying.

  3. All Section 8 housing needs to be moved inside Leavenworth Penitentiary. It does nothing but raise crime rates.

  4. The puncher was a Democrat, no doubt about that.

  5. The puncher was a chucklowe, no doubt about that.

  6. The puncher was part of a cabal of baby eating democrats who stole the election by blackmailing Judge Roberts and enlisting Hugo Chavez's help. He was going to feed the kids hidden in tunnels under Mission Kansas. Now those kids will go hungry till he is out of jail. Eventually the cabal of democrats will eat them and they dont like hamburger or BBQ. yes its all true and welll I dont have no proof, but I feels it in me bones, so trust me please

  7. The self professed stupid preacher Rev Cleaver will give more time to anarchist Eric King than a white supremacist who threaten to kill him? Why do Cleaver resent the anti racist community so much? The simple answer is Cleaver has done nothing for civil rights as witnessed by the increase of extra judicial killings in his district, suicide, premature death and infant mortality is the legacy of Emanuel Cleaver The Stupid. Free Eric King!


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