Lee's Summit Suffers Massage Crackdown

Quick peek at local law enforcement watching cable news as the nation copes with the tragic fact that tug jobs are widely available in strip malls. 

Of course, all suspects are innocent until proven guilty and TKC would be happy to help investigate and maybe rank local services.

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Investigators execute search warrant at Lee's Summit massage business

LEE'S SUMMIT, MO (KCTV) -- Investigators searched a Lee's Summit massage business during an investigation into suspected illegal and illicit activity at Swan Spa off Rice Road. The joint investigation involves law enforcement and the Missouri Attorney General's Office. Investigators seized 24 items from the business when they served a search warrant earlier this month.


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  10. Tim J.
    a week ago
    Positive: Quality
    My first massage ever and it was fantastic.

    Darrell S.
    24 reviews
    a year ago
    I have been visiting several massage places and each one offers something different the other don't. Jade is no different. They offer an outstanding massage. Yeah, everyone says that about their favorite but at Jade it is true.
    I didn't catch her name but she was small and very cute. Not much on English but I wasn't there to talk a lot. We got along fine. And I am not going to give her a 1 star for that.
    The room was a little dark for my taste, making it hard to get undressed and dressed. But I managed.
    She massaged everything from head to toe with a combo of medium and feather light strokes. The head scratching was wild.lol
    Afterwards I paid and got my water. With a little bit of small talk.
    I am definitely going back and stop looking for that perfect place...I found it.

    21 reviews
    4 months ago
    Perfect (again)

  11. don't leave reviews idiots you make them all look suspicious even if they may be legit.

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