Lawsuit Seyz KCPD Shot Doggie Amid Brutal No-Knock Warrant Search

Today's legal push back against controversial tactics often employed by po-po . . .

"In that incident, the complainant alleges a police tactical team executed a no-knock warrant at his property, throwing him to the ground and restraining him with plastic zip ties despite the fact that he was not the subject of the warrant and was never charged in the arrest. In the same incident, he alleges police shot and killed his dog during the execution of the warrant."

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Tow truck operator files civil rights lawsuit against KCPD

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City-area tow lot owner and operator has filed a civil lawsuit in federal court alleging that members of the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department violated his civil rights. In the lawsuit against KCPD, the Board of Police Commissioners, and other individually named officers, Allen Bloodworth alleges his rights were violated in connection to an incident in March 2019.


  1. KCPD act like they're patrolling in Brooklyn. Get a clue water bucket head

  2. If only body cameras were already in use.
    Then the whole world could see the behavior that caused the officer to respond the way he did.
    Coming soon, though, and all the "claims" and lawsuits will drastically disappear.
    Somebody call Benjamin Crump!

  3. Save the dog .
    Ice the perp.

  4. Piece of SH*T tow-truck operator has been working an extortion racket for years. Too bad the dog wasn't placed in zip ties and something else caught a round.

  5. That poor dog.

  6. Its the dog owner's fault. Keep your dogs inside and safe.

    I knew a dude that keep vandalizing someone's car. He did this repeatedly over many years. Finally the car owner hit the vandal's dog over the head with a rubber mallet - and killed it. And got away with it too. Again - the owner's fault!

  7. ummm... the dog WAS in the house.


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