Latest Kansas City Homicide Victim Asian Male Not Female: Hate Crime Trending?!?

Quick clarification that deserves attention . . .

The Kansas City Police Department initially identified the victim as a woman on Thursday before issuing a corrected statement.

The victim has been identified as Andrew ######, an Asian male, date of birth of 07-25-2002.

This is still KCMO homicide #31 so far.

The new deets are important given that this report follows a nationwide uptick in violence against Asians. We'll wait for more deets but for now, here's a few big picture news links on the topic:

NBC: Recent violence against Asian Americans highlights need for better tracking, reporting

538: The U.S. Has A Long-Standing History Of Vilifying Minority Groups During Times Of Crisis

Brookings: Why the trope of Black-Asian conflict in the face of anti-Asian violence dismisses solidarity

NPR: Hate crimes against Asian Americans in 16 cities rose by 150 percent in 2020, a recent report from the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism

UST: Lawmakers to introduce anti-hate crime legislation amid rise in anti-Asian hate and violence

Developing . . .


  1. When you can’t tell a female from an Asian dude...... here’s your sign! Hahahahaha!

  2. the homicide rate is still sad. Do not focus on demographics. Stopping the killing overall should be the goal.

  3. I don't know, is there?

    VIDEO: Black Gang Of Dirt Bikers Beat Asian Man In Philly…

  4. On the west coast, especially in San Franshitsko, blacks are attacking Asians on a regular basis. It's nice to see that "Polar Bear" attacks have shifted to "Panda Bear" attacks.

    In Philly too.

    Ok, now that you have watched those videos, let's get back to our regularly scheduled "Guilt" over black people and how wonderful George Floyd is.

    And, of course, remember to not "notice" the outrageously disproportionate criminality of the black population. Be sure and vote for higher taxes to make sure we can keep black people happy and living indolent, slovenly life styles while they go to the head of the line for jobs, college etc. in front of you and your family, who, even though they are harder working, smarter and are not interested in raping your granny or killing you will NOT get the job, or the admission into college, because Travon needs an edumakashun.

    If your kid does get into some commuter college, then of course, he will learn about how wonderful black people are and how they built the whole nation and of course how you and your family are racist.

  5. 12:28 +100000000000

    And it’s only getting worse.

  6. Where was Chuck M. Lowe, I wonder? He really has it out for Asians.

  7. Chuck married an Chinese girl moron.

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    Damn gurl, you need to get a life! Hahahahaha!

  9. Dem blacks don't discrimina te, everyone is a potential crime victim.

  10. Asians don't get in trouble for telling the truth.

    Asians DO hate black people. Look at this commercial from China.

  11. Some Johns don't take kindly to discovering Sally has a wang.

  12. This lady just got fired, for telling the truth.

    We live in a fucked up world, where we can't say out loud what everyone knows is true.

    In China, you can't say anything true about the tyrannical government and the dictator Xi, but, I wonder if that is as bad as not being able to tell the truth about 30 million morons and having to pretend that they are wonderful additions to our country.

    Which is worse? Lying to everyone about the truth of a dictatorship, or, lying to everyone about the killers, murderers and rapists who live among us?

  13. This dog alerted his owner a man fell through the ice.

    We live in a fucked up world, where doga can't say out loud what everyone knows is true.

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  15. 1:00 denial and turning a blind eye is the biggest trait of the lying left, the despicable dimwits, the left wing murderous and destructive left, the violent left conspiracy theorist blue anon, antifa, blm, the black panther party.

    Antifa and blm attacked the federal court house in Portland not once but twice yesterday, caused major damage and the dimwits aren’t doing a damn thing to these insurrectionists and seditionists are they? Nope, not in a million years.

    Blacks murdering everybody under the sun..... oh I’m sorry, I can’t say that because it racist amirite! Hahahahaha!

  16. YOU MUST READ WHAT THIS GUY3/12/21, 1:39 PM

    Hate crimes against Asians are being misrepresented.

    They are not being associated with China flu. I mean, seriously? An entire political party and the entire media pushed back on that label.

    Asians are being hunted by "other" people of color. They are setting a "bad" example, you know, by succeeding white privilege.

    No one blames Chin-ese for the CCP China flu.

  17. ^^^ that was debunked a long time ago, the blacks have always hated the Asians, they hate everybody because dey be so pathetic and suck at life even though they’ve had everything given to them for sixty years or so.

    What they hate most is the fact that racism barely exists among whitey anymore and that they are now the most racist group on planet earth. And they know the free money gravy train is ending, they don’t want to work, own a home and support their families, go to school and actually learn something, have respect for other races or themselves.


  18. be caereful hatin' on Asians... China will enslave America within the next 20 years..thanks to Beijing Bidet and the Dems..

  19. In virtually every recent assault committed against an Asian person, the assailant has been black.

  20. In virtually every assault and murder committed, the assailant has been black period. Fixed it.

  21. it doesn't matter if the blacks are killing Asians. It is still whitey's fault.


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