Kylr Yust Jury Selected

Progress on this local legal showdown . . .

KCTV5: Jury for Kylr Yust trial selected; 13 women, 3 men will hear case


A jury of 13 women and three men have been selected for the Kylr Yust trial, according to a Cass County newspaper.

The North Cass Herald reports the jury, which includes four alternates, will leave St. Charles, Missouri at 8 a.m. Monday and arrive in Harrisonville to hear opening statements.

Yust is charged in the deaths of 17-year-old Kara Kopetsky and 21-year-old Jessica Runions.

Developing . . .


  1. Sad those girls chose the wrong guy to date. Why couldnt they date a normal guy with no tatoos?

    1. 2:33 because girls LIKE bad boys. Nice guys come last.

  2. The guy is white trash garbage.

    1. As opposed to what else exactly?

  3. It's not a jury of his peers unless they all have neck tatoos.

  4. Those poor girls wanted excitment and something different. They got killed, just as dead as if Hilter's henchmen had killed them!

    Girls learn a lesson from this! You could be a corpse by year-end if you date the wrong man. Yes, you could be a rotting corpse laying in some rural field in the near future, like the thousands of girls that ended up that way, here in the USA and even greater in Mexico over the last 6 decades. Dead is dead. Don't you deserve more? Be picky. Search the free court websites that all cities and municipal courts now have to see if you guy has a criminal record. If someone says he may have shot or murdered someone - realize you might be next!

  5. you're a fucking asshole

  6. 9:59^^^

    You say as apposed to what? How about as opposed to living a pretty normal life till you pass away naturally at age 87? Getting married and having a few kids. Living a typical life. Taking nice vacations. Living a pretty predictable and almost plain life. Having average friends, but living life at your pace and being able to do what you want.

    Sure beats being murdered cause you can only have wanna date bad boys. yeah...the normal guys just arent exciting enough.....

    Which would you choose 9:59?

  7. many women love losers. its a basic flaw of women. A guy thats normal is not needing them. A guy that screwed up does need them, so they go to him like a moth to a flame. My ex-girl friend left me, I am a fairly average guy - for some redneck bar bouncer in Tonganoxie that knocked up a 16 year girl some years ago. So now my ex-girlfriend is raising his daughter. Nice! Very Nice karma!


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