Kobach Confronts Rebuke Over COVID Tech

To be fair, we're just as skeptical over the quality of journalism from "non-profit" partisan hack blogs as we are of gear that's newly engineered to kill the bat flu. 

Here's a snarky take that's entertaining hopes to kick the politico whilst he's mostly out of the limelight. Take a look . . .

Kris Kobach tried to get Kansas legislature to buy his buddy's questionable COVID-cleaner: report

Kansas Republican candidate for House, Senate and governor, Kris Kobach, attempted to get the state legislature to buy a Wichita-based venture capitalist's cleaning device for COVID-19. The only problem is that it never really worked. Investigative reporters at the nonprofit Kansas Reflector explain...


  1. The guy just can't stop being a dick and a con man.

  2. ^^^^ Quit slamming Donald Trump damnit!
    This thread is about Kobach!!

  3. Kobach is universally hates by all. Due to his corrosive personality. if he were more mild and passive, he would have been much more successful. Trump should take a lesson from Koback. But its too late now.

  4. And, as two abandoned shipwrecks slowly sink out of sight, we continue our voyage toward a better tomorrow.

    1. Oh yes. With a new president obviously deteriorating moment by moment into vegetative dementia and vice president suck-suck waiting in the wings.

  5. Kobach is a total con man of the right. He is so unpopular he could not beat Laura Kelly (a weak and ineffective liberal governor). We voted against him for the Senate in 2020 because we knew he would lose. Now he is hawking ineffective cleaning products to the Kansas legislature? Go away, Kobach...please just go away.

    Signed - a Johnson County conservative Republican


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