KCPD Reform Protest Policy Amid Outcry

Local po-po attempt to appease politically charged complaints with first amendment protections.

Here's their side of the story . . .

Kansas City Board Of Police Commissioners Approve Reform Policies

And here's the progressive news hot take . . . Read more:

Kansas City Police Adopt New Protest Policy Following Last Summer's Demonstrations

Kansas City police officers will limit their use of tear gas and so-called less-lethal weapons in an effort to reduce confrontations at public protests, according to a policy approved Tuesday by the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners.


  1. Shoot to kill would be the preferred policy


  2. Protests don't work. Protests are just an accident or riot forming. Protests are for idiots who don't know haw to change things, not to mention most of the protesters are illiterate trash.

  3. Agree. Keep the streets free of this trash. No rubber bullets. Use the real ones and hose 'em down with water cannons. Sick of this nonsense with these domestic terrorists.

  4. All this stupid crap started because cops have to be too nice to people that are not behaving. Tougher enforcement is needed not more namby pamby hands off treatment of immature a-hole law breakers. Mostly black I don't have to idiots.


  5. disgusting protocols

  6. So in other words the cops aren't supposed to do anything but let them riot and loot. Do I have that right?

  7. The big mouths talking about their "demands" being met by the police board should probably keep in mind that with body cameras there'll be video of the perps behavior BEFORE what's been presented in the past as a police over-reaction.
    Now the behaviors that cause so much of the appropriate responses will be there in the public's face. And people will be amazed at how restrained the police have been.
    Next we'll be hearing "demands" from the same folks that it's unfair to show those videos.
    Scams like the Michael Brown story will be over.
    Be careful what you wish for.

  8. i heard this earlier - when a murder occurs people say it's the guns fault. when a cop shoots a gun it's the cops fault.

    wasn't verbatim but close enough.

  9. Give the cops a few Quad-50's. A couple of Dusters will end the burning and looting in a hurry.

  10. how tall is that mighty mouse cop 3rd from right?

  11. make physics FUN

  12. Kids, what is the energy of mighty mouse compared to Pastor Edwards hitting the ground from a distance of 8ft?

  13. Bonus: troy schulte


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